5 Best St Barts Beaches for a Honeymoon

St Jean Beach photo by jack metthey
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best st barts beaches for honeymoon

Have you set your eyes on St. Barts for your upcoming honeymoon? Do you want to know which St Barts beacch is the best for your type of honeymoon? Find here my list of the best St Barts beaches for a honeymoon, as well as advice on how to find deals at St Barts Hotels as well as at St Barts Villa Rentals.

St Barts is a great destination for a honeymoon:

– It is a cute, romantic island with French flair and is very open to Americans,

– Honeymoons in St Barths is a like 3-in-1 bargain: you soak in the sun of a tropical Caribbean destination, you enjoy the food and the wine of  restaurants on par with those in Paris, and you experience the lifestyle of South of France villages like St. Tropez,

–  The island of Saint Barthélémy can be  anything you want it to be: an amazing place to party all night at Ti St Barth and at Yacht Club, a restful destination after your wedding, or a great opportunity for you newlyweds to just stay in bed in a luxury villa.

As you know, a successful honeymoon trip depends on both of you sharing the same expectations about the destination where you heading to. Surprisingly, in St Barts, the beach you prefer can tell a lot about your personality.

Just before giving you my list of the 5 best St Barts beaches for a honeymoon, let me give you a few tips on how to save money on your stay in the French West Indies.

How to find a nice deal on your St Barts Honeymoon Trip :

If you are coming to St. Bart’s, you will have to choose between a St Barts hotel and a St Barts villa. Saint Barthélémy is actually the Villa Island, where 80% of the visitors stay in a villa rental. There are about 350 villas for rent on the island, while there are only 22 hotels, big and small. The biggest of these hotels is the Guanahani Hotel and Spa, which only boasts 75 rooms,.

So if you are opting for a hotel for your honeymoon, it means that you have to plan ahead and book your room early, as the demand far exceeds the offer, especially for luxury hotel rooms such as those at the Eden Rock St. Barth.

The good news is that most hotels offer honeymoon vacation packages. For instance, Hotel Le Sereno offers a package featuring luxury suites that all have their own private gardens and furnished terraces overlooking the pool and the ocean. St Barts Hotels like Le Toiny work with local wedding planners, while the Eden Rock St Barths employs its own Wedding Coordinators.

Villa agents also offer opportunities for honeymooners. The websites of Winco and St Barts Blue list villas that are suitable for honeymoons. St Barts only offers a few 1 and 2-bedroom villas that you may want to rent for your honeymoon. This is actually why I chose to build villa BelAmour, the most romantic 1-bedroom villa in St Barts, to answer this need.

Whether you stay in a hotel or in a villa, the best way to get a deal is to come to the island when the weather is great but its beaches are deserted. For instance, June is a perfect month for honeymooners in St Barts, it is just the right time for a honeymoon trip after a Spring wedding and it is a period when there is almost no one, but locals, on the island.

It means that you will be able to enjoy the beaches just for yourselves. Last June, I remember being all alone after 5 PM on the famous Saline Beach. Until sunset, at 6:30 PM, I was able to swim for 30 minutes, totally free and nude, and then to peacefully rest on the beach and contemplate the blue sky.

So, planning a honeymoon trip to St Barts for June is a great idea, but it’s also nice in early July, as well as in late October and in November. The difference is that days are shorter in the Fall, so you have less special time on the beach for the two of you to share romantic kiss alone at sunset.

Best five beaches in St. Barts for a honeymoon: The list

Best for a risqué honeymoon: Saline

For whom: People who like wild beaches, do not need fancy bars, are ready to swim and tan in the nude, want to make love on the beach

What you will find on this beach: Not much, which can be a good thing for some of you! A long stretch of blond sand, crystal blue water, dunes. No building in site. Bring your battle of water or of a rosé (alcohol consumption is OK).

Tip: Come here early morning or late afternoon to enjoy a great beach with fewer people. Way more romantic. If you want some private time, head to the little beach on the left, no one will bother you there 😉

Where to stay: No hotels on the beach, not even in the Saline area anymore. As for villa rentals, there is the crazily expensive, over-the-top villa Dunes where Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent their own romantic time a few years ago (starting from $10,000 per night).

Best for honeymoon party beach : St Jean

For whom: For those who love St. Tropez, Miami and Ibiza, the bars near St Jean beach are the best. Of course, this being tiny St Barts, the beach bar scene remains tiny, but these venues are wold-famous. The 2 biggest hot spots are the St Barts Nikki Beach and La Plage at the Tom Beach hotel.

What you will find on this beach: Music, champagne, fashion shows, beautiful girls and party boys. White sand beach, calm waters near the Nikki Beach, waves for surfers in front of La Plage.

Tip: The real action here is in the Winter, especially in December and January. The rest of the year, Sundays afternoons are the best time to party on the beach.

Where to stay: The famous Eden Rock St. Barths hotel reigns on this beach, but the Tom Beach hotel and the Saint Barth Emeraude Page hotel are cheaper alternatives. Eden Rock also offer luxury villa rentals, such as the ultra luxe Rockstar villa that comes with its own recording studio.

Best for Nature Lovers : Gouverneur

For whom: Adam & Eve, i.e. courageous honeymooners who want to discover an unspoiled piece of land, with an amazingly beautiful beach.

What you will find on this beach: Again, nothing here, but a stylish villa built by the Rockefellers in the 1960’s. You will have to park at nearby Plage de Flamands and walk for about 15 minutes on a rocky trail. Wear sneakers.

Tip: The sun can be really hot at midday on Colombier beach. Go there early morning, bring your bottle of water. Or rent a sailboat and watch the sunset from there, it is über-romantic.

Where to stay: As the Rockefeller House is not for rent, there is no way to stay right on the shores of Colombier. Some people anchor their boats in the bay and stay overnight. You could pick a villa rental on the hill of Colombier, which will give you a superb view on the bay.

Best for trpical blu waters : Gouverneur

For whom: People who have always dreamt about green and blue colors of the Caribbean Sea.

What you will find on this beach: Again, not much! But, behind the sand dune, lies the villa of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Thank you for generously letting you park your Mini for free on his piece of land. Bring your goggles, there is a lot of small fish to see by the rocks on the left of the beach.

Tip: You can get nude here too, at the far end of the beach. But for this, Saline is better.

Where to stay: No hotels in Gouverneur, but there are fabulous villa all around. If you like glitzy places, villa Gouverneur Jewel (NAO) is a great 1-bedroom villa for honeymooners.

Best Honeymoon Beach Resort : Grand Cul de Sac

For whom: If you are looking for a St Barts resort where to hang out all day, choose Hotel Guanahani & Spa. This beach, right on the small but cute lagoon,is also the premier place in St Barts to practice windsurfing, try kitesurfing and ride jetskis.

What you will find on this beach: 2 luxury hotels, the Guanahani and the Sereno, fancy hotel restaurant, affordable beach restaurants like La Gloriette and O’Corail.

Tip: The water is not very deep and is warm, almost too warm for a great swim. But it is a great view and you can almost cross it with water staying hip deep.

Where to stay: Hotel Guanahani & Spa is the biggest hotel is St. Barths, with 75 rooms. Most are individual bungalows, tailor-made for honeymooners. The tiny resort has 2 restaurants, a spa, some clothing shops and access to 2 beaches: Grand Cul de Sac and Anse Maréchal.

I hope that this list of the best beaches in St Barts for a honeymoon will make you want even more to come to our island to celebrate this very special time of your life. If you are looking for a honeymoon villa in St. Barths, make sure to check my very own villa BelAmour, the most romantic and the most exclusive 1-bedroom villa in the whole island (shameless plug, but I am proud of how nice the villa turns out to be after 2 long years of work!).


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