Different Times of Day and Night in St. Barths

We look at the different times of the day and night of how St. Barths will look like.

St. Barths abstract

a beautiful St. Barths abstract view from our lovely Villa Domingue during the night time

As St. Barths has a tropical weather all year round, the only 2 weathers

  • sunny (dry)

Rainy season is worst in the month of September, and these usually start on May until November.

  • rainy season.

The summer months are the high season in St. Barths as this is also the winter season of many countries.

We shall look at St. Barths at different times of the day/night and see what we find.

Sunrise / Early morning

Sunrise morning photo by meg alex dewar

a Sunrise morning view from this terrific accomodation, photo by meg alex dewar

Waking up to this view and in this place? Open air bedroom and the sunrise right at your face upon waking up has to be something worth waking up to. Already early in the day you can feel the surge of morning sunlight – ultimate energy booster.

Morning – Noontime

Morning Lunchtime St Barths photo by Sylvie Doucet

Morning Lunchtime in St Barths by the beachside photo by Sylvie Doucet

Sometimes noontime in St. Barths is not as strikingly hot as most days, just like this photo. This was taken from the shore during the St. Barths Bucket Regatta.


Afternoon photo view of St Barths by Patti Pietschmann

Afternoon photo view of St Barths by Patti Pietschmann

Afternoon in St. Barths is a great time to go walking, hiking and trekking up the hills. The sun is out but not so hot anymore and the St. Barths wind is a perfect combination to the not so hot tropical sun. Just looking at the picture you can tell it is the perfect time to get out that camera, go up the hills and shoot the beautiful views of the island.

Sunset – Night Time

Sunset Night view St Barths photo by Christian Scherrer

Sunset Night view St Barths photo by Christian Scherrer

The amazing lights from the boats and from Gustavia Harbor are a perfect combination for a light show although unplanned. These times are best to have a romantic dinner by the villa, or by the beach with loved ones, even on the boat/yacht. With a view like this every night in St. Barths, you don’t wonder why this island is visited over and over again by tourists.

Do you have any photos of another time of day in St. Barths? Do send us a quick comment if you have.