5 Must Know Facts of 2014 Les Voiles de St Barths

Here are 5 Must Know Facts from the 2014 Edition of Les Voiles de Saint Barth.

Les Voiles de Saint Barth photo by lesvoilesdesaintbarth website

Les Voiles de Saint Barth photo by Les Voiles de Saint Barth website

The Les Voiles de Saint Barth is a yearly regatta boat race held in St. Barths in the Caribbean/French West Indies, where participating teams compete in a race around the luxury island paradise in a span of days.

1. Les Voiles de Saint Barth is a relatively new event in the Caribbean, owing to the fact that this year 2014 is only the 5th year of it’s competition. 4 days of regatta and competition with a rest day and every night there is a Race Village where where concerts and parties are held.

Marie boat photo from stbarthweekly

Marie boat photo from stbarthweekly

2. Les Voiles des Saint Barth is participated in by competitors from all around the world. In a video interview of some of the participants, they were asked where they come from and surprisingly, they come from different parts of the globe. Even 1 team was composed of different nationalities like from


  • Florida
  • Boston
  • Texas
  • California
  • Washington D.C

and Switzerland, U.K., Portugal, Puerto Rico, France, among others. Others have participated multiple times in the race, and others are just in for the first time and are welcomed to beauty of the island for the first time also.

3. Watching the race from the TV or from the beaches and shores of St. Barths, is way way different from actually being aboard the boats themselves. The videos themselves show how thrilling and exciting it is. How the crew members work in unison and how they help each other out when the need arises. The amount of passion they put into what they are doing just cannot be seen in the TV or from the beaches alone. First-hand experience is really quite fascinating, this made possible by the footage seen from the uploaded videos from the start of the race to the actual finish.

4. Les Voiles de Saint Barth is not just all about competition and the race. It is more about camaraderie, friendships and building relationships with other people, making these attributes last a lifetime. From the videos, you will see that it’s not just about out-dueling one another, the racers themselves know how to have a good time and party. The awarding ceremonies show that the participants enjoy each others company, and forget the competition for awhile. Together with friends, family, they eat, drink and be merry with each other, not worrying whether they won or lost, but just appreciating the moments that happened during and after the race. This goes to show that Les Voiles will always be an annual gathering that everyone looks forward to.

Les Voiles de Saint Barth photo by @SailWorldNews

Les Voiles de Saint Barth photo by @SailWorldNews

5. During the Les Voiles, most hotels in St. Barths are already booked or reserved since these participants not only come with their teams and themselves, but also with their families. The wife or husband and the kids cheer on as their parent/s race through the St. Barths island and come home each night to spend time with them.

This goes to show that Les Voiles de Saint Barth is an event not only to promote healthy competition, but also strong family ties and bonding since the families of the participants also come to the island to give their all out best moral support. Truly, Les Voiles will be another event to look forward to next year.
Here is a short video of the thrilling Les Voiles de Saint Barth.





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