Air Antilles flight schedule to St Barths from Guadeloupe restart on July 1, 2024
air antilles to st barths 2024


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The Revival of Air Antilles

As of June 2024, Air Antilles has officially announced its return from bankruptcy, with flights available for booking online immediately. The first flights to St Barths are scheduled to commence in July 2024, bringing exciting news for travelers eager to visit this beautiful island. This revival marks a significant milestone for both the airline and the Caribbean travel industry, highlighting the strategic importance and popularity of St Barths as a premier travel destination.

The Bankruptcy and New Ownership

Air Antilles faced financial difficulties that led to its bankruptcy, causing a temporary halt in operations. However, the airline’s return has been made possible by the intervention of the St Martin French local authority, which has entered the capital of the newly restructured company, now known as “New Air Antilles.” This strategic move not only ensures the airline’s revival but also strengthens the connectivity between the French Caribbean islands. The involvement of local authorities underscores the importance of governmental support in revitalizing regional airlines and boosting economic development.

Increased Competition and its Benefits

The return of Air Antilles is a crucial development for the region’s aviation market. By re-entering the market, Air Antilles introduces more competition, which is expected to have a positive impact on airfare prices. Over the past years, ticket prices from Guadeloupe to St Barths had surged significantly, largely due to the limited number of carriers operating on this route. This price hike had a noticeable effect on visitors from Europe who typically connect through Guadeloupe.

Air Caraïbes’ Monopoly and Its Impact

Air Caraïbes, the main competitor to Air Antilles, has enjoyed an almost monopoly-like dominance on the routes from Guadeloupe to St Barths. This lack of competition has contributed to the substantial increase in flight ticket prices over the past few years. Travelers have had limited options, leading to higher costs and fewer choices for those wishing to explore the beautiful Caribbean islands.

The Rise in Flight Ticket Prices

The increase in flight ticket prices over recent years has been a significant issue for travelers. The high cost of air travel has particularly impacted visitors from Europe, who often need to connect through Guadeloupe to reach St Barths. This price surge has made it more challenging for budget-conscious tourists to visit the region, potentially deterring some from making the trip altogether. The monopolistic control by Air Caraïbes has left little room for price competition, exacerbating the issue further.

Impact on European Travelers

European travelers, in particular, stand to benefit from the return of Air Antilles. The increased competition is likely to lead to more competitive pricing, making it more affordable for tourists to visit the picturesque island of St Barths. Lower airfare costs could stimulate tourism, attracting more visitors to the island and boosting the local economy. The presence of multiple airlines on these routes will provide travelers with better choices, improved services, and a more pleasant travel experience.

Strategic Importance of St Barths

St Barths is highlighted as the first destination to be served by the revived Air Antilles, indicating its strategic importance and popularity as a travel destination. This underscores St Barths’ appeal to tourists and its role in the Caribbean tourism market.

Role of Local Authorities

The involvement of the St Martin French local authority in the capital of the new Air Antilles company signifies the importance of governmental support in revitalizing regional airlines. This partnership showcases a proactive approach by local authorities to enhance regional connectivity and economic development.

Broader Implications for the Caribbean

The revival of a regional airline like Air Antilles has broader implications for the entire Caribbean region. It underscores the interconnectedness of island economies and the importance of robust air connectivity for regional development and tourism. Improved competition could lead to better services, more flight options, and enhanced travel experiences for passengers.


The revival of Air Antilles signifies more than just the return of a regional airline; it represents a revitalization of connectivity and competition in the Caribbean aviation market. With the support of the St Martin French local authority, New Air Antilles is poised to enhance travel options and affordability for tourists, especially those coming from Europe. As flights to St Barths resume in July 2024, travelers can look forward to a more accessible and enjoyable journey to this tropical paradise. The increased competition will likely drive down prices, benefiting both tourists and the local tourism industry, ensuring a brighter future for travel in the Caribbean.



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