BelAmour Villa: Breathtaking Views & Unrivaled Privacy on St. Barts


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As the owner of BelAmour, I am deeply grateful and humbled by the kind words and praise our esteemed guests have shared about their experiences at our cherished villa. It has been my pleasure to provide an unforgettable haven of luxury, comfort, and beauty for those who choose to spend their precious moments on the enchanting island of St. Barts.

To offer a glimpse into the exceptional aspects of BelAmour, I have meticulously curated and analyzed the most frequently mentioned highlights from real reviews. The following points reflect the genuine appreciation and warmth our guests have expressed, a testament to the unparalleled experience BelAmour provides.

I am truly thankful to all our distinguished guests, both past and future, for their continued patronage and support. It is my honor to welcome you to the exclusive world of BelAmour, where subtle sophistication meets modern elegance, creating an unforgettable sanctuary for the discerning traveler.

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Breathtaking Views:

“The views are even more breathtaking in person” (Kim, October 2020) and “The house is located in one of the most excellent positions of the island – magnificent views” (Mark, January 2021).

st barths belamour


“Very private & desirable spot on the island” (William, August 2022) and “The villa is very private and has every amenity” (John, December 2020).

belamour saint barthelemy location de vacances

Unique Design and Decor:

“We love modern architecture and the villa is a great example of it. The de Castelbajac mural adds a very special charm to the feeling of the place” (Mark, July 2022) and “Very unique decor and design that we loved” (Maxine, November 2018).

jean charles de castelbajac saint barth

Excellent Host Communication and Responsiveness:

“Thibault was super responsive” (Brad, August 2022) and “Not to mention the professional and very communicative host” (Michelle, July 2020).

Well-appointed and Comfortable:

“Sexy, beautiful, well appointed and located close to everything!” (Sean, January 2021) and “This villa was more than we expected. Private, sexy and well appointed” (Michelle, July 2020).

villa belamour st barths rental by owner


“Wonderful stay. Very clean, private and relaxing” (Richard, August 2021) and “BelAmour is a dream come true. It’s beautiful, secluded, ultra clean” (Philip, May 2017).

Great Amenities:

“Well-stocked kitchen” (Richard, August 2021) and “Every detail was well thought of” (Michele, July 2016).


Proximity to Attractions:

“The location was close to everything we had planned in Saint-Barth’s” (Scott, November 2021) and “Located close to everything!” (Sean, January 2021).

In conclusion, BelAmour consistently exceeds the expectations of our esteemed guests, providing a luxurious retreat where memories are made and dreams come true. I invite you to explore the world of BelAmour further by visiting our villa’s page, where you will find a wealth of information and the opportunity to check the calendar for available dates.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the enchanting allure of BelAmour for yourself. Secure your unforgettable stay by booking your preferred dates now, and let us welcome you to the exceptional world of BelAmour, a haven where modern elegance meets the exquisite beauty of St. Barts.

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