Best bakeries in St Barth as recommended by our community
best bakeries in st barts


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The topic of food will never not be relevant when it comes to travel, as evidenced by frequent food-related discussions in our Facebook group dedicated to St Barth. This community of travelers with love for St Barth gets together to exchange recommendations, seek travel advice, and keep up with travel requirements for St Barths. Another great space for this is our Instagram community.

The tradition of baking is synonymous with France, and this culture manifests itself in St Barts’ cuisine as well. On our tiny island, you will find superb pâtisseries and boulangeries and sometimes establishments that are a combination of the two. So we turned to our community of seasoned St Barth travelers to ask them for what they considered the best bakeries in St Barts. So here they are, in no particular order, baking the world a better place one sweet nibble at a time.

Boulangerie Choisy

It would be blasphemous to start a list of best bakeries in St Barths without first bringing up La Boulangerie Choisy, which has been on the island since 1912. Choisy embodies the quintessential French bakery experience with freshly-baked bread, flaky croissants, and delectable chocolate-chip viennoises.

Choisy has two super-convenient locations on the island, one in Gustavia and another in Lorient.

La Petite Colombe

Also with two locations, one each in Lorient and Colombier, La Petite Colombe is one of the most popular boulangeries on the island, and with good reason. After all, it is natural for travelers and residents alike to flock to it, given the superlative pain au chocolat and coffee on offer.

La Petite Colombe is also popular for its amazing sandwiches, which the patrons favor during lunchtime. However, make sure to get there early as the bakery closes by 1 pm.

Pâtisserie Carambole

Heading from flaky, buttery pastry further into the sweet-tooth territory, let’s talk about Carambole. A dessert person’s dream, Carambole’s sweet treats are as easy on the eyes as they are divine on the tastebuds. The pink trim on the establishment’s facade matches its overall cutesy mood.

Head on over to them in Gustavia for dessert and coffee after a meal, and give their Bûche de Noël at Christmastime a go, or one of their many delightful tarts any time of the year.

Sin Garden

Perhaps the newest entrant on the St Barths dessert scene is Marine Urbain’s Sin Garden, which has quickly cultivated quite a fabulous reputation for its desserts. Its great oceanfront location is somehow topped by its desserts that are elevated to works of art by Chef Urbain.

A great new spot for a gourmet dessert experience, at Sin Garden you will also find a selection of mini desserts.



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