Best breakfast spots in St Barth recommended by our community
best breakfast spots in st barth


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If you are looking for the best breakfast spots in St Barth, look no further! Members of our community of St Barth Insiders on Facebook and Instagram shared the favorite places to secure your morning meal in St Barth, and we compiled into a neat little list of the top breakfast spots in St Barths for you. But first, if you would like to become part of this community as well, just hit the buttons below to get started.

Whether you prefer to pack a breakfast picnic on your morning hike or like extensive breakfast spread, you would find that our lovely island caters to the whims of all, whatever your speed. This reflects in the recommendations shared by our community members, as you will see below:

Sand Bar, Eden Rock:

Eden Rock is an iconic St Barth established, and its cleverly named Sand Bar restaurant (Sand Bar – St Barth, sound similar, oui?) overlooks the Baie de St. Jean. Its beautiful beachside setting and breakfast buffet make a formidable team for those who prefer their breakfast croissant and coffee in a beachside setting.

Le Jardin:

If you are looking for casual affair that offers great value for money, Le Jardin is your best bet. Immensely popular among the locals for lunch, and situated conveniently opposite the airport, Le Jardin can offer a mean coffee and sandwiches for those looking to get a greater bang for their buck.

Café Gloriette:

Located right in the Gustavia harbor, Café Gloriette is the ideal choice for those looking for healthier, vegetarian, or gluten-free meal options. Special attention is paid to the presentation of the food so it is just as much a treat for the eyes, too. Bonus, but not breakfast-related (unless you are on island time), you can also pick up a souvenir bottle of the legendary Rhum Vanille “La Gloriette” here.

La Petite Colombe:

Not without reason, La Petite Colombe was also voted one of the best bakeries in St Barth by our community not very long ago. This boulangerie has two locations in St Barth, and either is great for picking up an assortment of delicious fresh bread – croissants, pains au chocolat, baguettes – and coffee to go and enjoy during your next hike in St Barth. Or pack a picnic, drive to your favorite viewpoint in St Barth, and enjoy as you drink in the sea through your eyes.

Hotel Manapany:

The breakfast buffet at this stunning hotel also made this coveted list, not in the least due to the fabulous views enjoyed by its guests. Fun fact: Manapany will also organize beautiful beach picnics for its guests on request, which could make for a memorable breakfast date.


Another excellent breakfast choice for those who prefer healthier meal options, Arawak has a dedicated clientele that swears by its gourmet offerings. The restaurant’s chic bohemian setting and their highly Instagrammable blue latte also add to its overall appeal, making it a staple among St Barts regulars.


Another St Barth boulangerie that ranks very high among St Barth regulars, as evidenced by its inclusion in our list of best bakeries in St Barth, Choisy offers to add a special level of decadence to your breakfast should you crave it. A coffee, an eclair, with Le News in hand, you would fit right in and how. (The Lorient outlet, in L’Oasis, has more room than the Gustavia store).

Villa Domingue

St Barths is all about villas, and the insiders all know it. If you choose well, chances are you would never want to leave your villa at all, or at least very little. I may be biased on the subject, but with a view like that and a kitchen and dining area designed this painstakingly, every breakfast at my villa Maison Domingue becomes a moment of singular joy, without ever leaving the privacy of your sacred personal space.



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