Celebrity sightings in St Barts: When celebs show off on Instagram


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Every year, a lot of readers discover my SaintBarth.com website after typing keywords such as “Celebrity Sightings St Barts 2016” and “St Barts Celebrity Homes”. When you live on the tiny island of St Barths, with its 8,000 inhabitants, seeing someone famous at the beach at Saline, in the restaurant where you are having dinner at Le Bonito, passing by in the street in St Jean, leaving the Hermès boutique in Gustavia, or actually staying a villa near your home is a common thing.

If you are in the service industry here, you or your colleagues have served drinks to famous actors, singers, designers, businesspersons, politicians and more. Here, the thing is to behave as if you did not recognize the celebrity. No screaming fans, no gawking crowds.

When you see a celebrity, do have a glimpse at them (Sunglasses come in handy), but pretend that you have not noticed them. This is why they come to the island, for being relatively incognito. The biggest starts sometimes stay on yachts, but they do come to shore to party at places like Le Ti St Barth ou have a drink at the Eden Rock.

Yes, I have seen a few famous people, I have danced shoulder to shoulder Pippa Middleton and her fiancé Spencer Matthews at Le Ti, drove past David Letterman while he’s jogging near his villa, seen the Kardashian sisters while they were at La Banane, walked on Beyoncé’s towel while she was sunning at Saline, seen Nicolette Sheridan behaving very sexily while having dinner at L’Esprit, etc.

Good for them! I do not really care, but it is always fun to text to a St Barts friend that you are having a drink at Le bar de l’oubli surrounded by Victoria Secrets models 😉 Now, celebrities sightings are even easier today, as they post their own photos on Instagram. Just follow their account, spot where they are, take your car, and after a 10-minute you can see them. Who needs paparazzi?

Nick Jonas

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Demi Lovato

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Candice Swanepoel

Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner

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Bella Hadid

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Paris Hilton

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Nicky Rothschild

Ellen Degeneres

St Barts Celebrity Sightings 2016

I hope that this article will have taught how easy celebrity sightings were to come by in St Barts. Now, don’t forget that these women and these men come to the island to rest, have fun and relax. Just like you.

So, don’t pay them too much attention. Most of the time, you will see them in low-key outfits. By the time you realize who they are, they will have walked away. Good for you, good for them.

C’est très Saint Barth!



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