First-Ever Fusion: The Exclusive Maison Domingue+ Holiday Experience”
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As the owner of both Villa Domingue and Villa BelAmour, I’m proud to offer an unprecedented festive season experience with the 4-bedroom Maison Domingue+. This unique proposition, available for the first time from December 21, 2024, to January 4, 2025, for a 7-day stay minimum, combines the grandeur of the 3-bedroom Maison Domingue with the intimate elegance of the 1-bedroom Villa BelAmour. Here, nestled atop and just below a picturesque cliff on adjoining land, these villas offer distinct experiences tailored to every guest’s desires.

Perfect Harmony of Proximity and Privacy

Maison Domingue+ stands as a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous planning. The villas are ingeniously positioned on different levels of the same cliff, ensuring that they remain completely invisible to one another. Despite their proximity—less than a 5-minute walk from one to the other—this arrangement guarantees absolute privacy for guests, offering two distinct atmospheres within a unified estate.

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Maison Domingue: Grandeur and Gathering

Maison Domingue, with its expansive layout and breathtaking views, serves as the heart of Maison Domingue+. It is the ideal setting for family gatherings, festive celebrations, and moments of collective joy, featuring:

  • Luxurious Space: Open living areas spill into lush outdoor terraces, creating a seamless flow that encourages communal enjoyment and celebration.
  • Outdoor Oasis: The sprawling pool and sun deck area, complemented by terraced gardens, invite guests to bask in the beauty of St. Barths’ natural landscape.
  • Elegance and Comfort: Modern amenities blend with tasteful decor to provide a setting that is both sophisticated and welcoming, ensuring every moment is enjoyed in comfort.
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Villa BelAmour: Solitude and Serenity

A short, discreet walk down the cliff brings you to Villa BelAmour, a sanctuary of peace and privacy, offering:

  • Intimate Luxury: Designed for couples or individuals, this villa provides a cozy, exclusive escape, complete with private amenities and stunning views.
  • Secluded Amenities: Enjoy the solitude of your own pool, kitchen, and lounge area, all set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Designed for Privacy: Though part of the Maison Domingue+ estate, Villa BelAmour remains a hidden jewel, offering a private retreat from the larger gatherings above.
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Versatile Luxury: Catering to Every Visitor’s Dream

  • Families Celebrating Together: Maison Domingue+ is ideal for families looking to enjoy the holiday season in a setting that combines grand communal spaces with private retreats. The expansive pool and reception area of Maison Domingue are perfect for family gatherings, festive celebrations, and shared meals, creating lasting memories. Meanwhile, Villa BelAmour offers a quieter, more secluded space for parents or older children craving moments of solitude or a private experience away from the larger group.
  • Groups of Friends Seeking a Luxurious Holiday Escape: Friends who value both socializing and personal space will find Maison Domingue+ perfectly suited to their needs. They can enjoy the shared luxury of Maison Domingue for hosting get-togethers and pool parties, while also appreciating the privacy of Villa BelAmour for relaxing and unwinding in a more intimate setting.
  • Celebrities and Public Figures Looking for Discretion and Luxury: The combination of Maison Domingue and Villa BelAmour offers an exceptional level of privacy and luxury, appealing to celebrities or public figures desiring a discreet getaway. The ability to entertain privately or enjoy solitude, away from the public eye, makes this an attractive option for those seeking both relaxation and exclusivity during the holiday season.
maison domingue+ st barths

Your Exclusive Invitation to Maison Domingue+

This festive season, we invite you to experience the epitome of luxury, privacy, and versatility at Maison Domingue+. Nestled within a meticulously curated estate in the heart of St. Barths, Maison Domingue+ presents a unique combination of communal and individual retreat spaces, tailored to offer an unparalleled holiday experience. Enjoy the distinctive blend of togetherness and personal tranquility, all set against the backdrop of one of the Caribbean’s most prestigious locales.

For a limited time, from December 21, 2024, to January 4, 2025, Maison Domingue+ is available exclusively for your holiday escape at a special rate of only US$ 80K per week, with a minimum stay of seven days. Indulge in the festive season without the burden of additional booking fees, as you book directly with the owner for a seamless and intimate transaction.

To reserve your stay or for more detailed inquiries, please visit or reach out to us directly at Embrace the perfect harmony of luxury living and intimate privacy at Maison Domingue+, where every moment is meticulously crafted for your ultimate holiday pleasure.



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