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Not only is Saint Barthélemy (a.k.a. St Barts or St Barths) a beautiful French island where celebrities jump from yachts to luxury stores, and stunning beaches. It is also the best place for gay-friendly Caribbean vacations.

My name is Thibault and I now live in St Barts, after having visited it regularly for more than 20 years. As a gay man living on the island, I share with you my tips on this Insider’s Guide to St Barths: How to get here, what to visit, where to eat, where to see and be seen, where the nudist and gay beaches are, what hotels and villas to book, how gay couples can get married in St Barts, etc.

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Gay-Friendly by Nature

Few Caribbean islands welcome gay people so openly. If gay celebrities like Calvin Klein, Ricky Martin, or Marc Jacobs feel so at ease here, it’s because locals do not really care about your private life. Same-sex weddings are legal, 2 guys having a romantic dinner is something ordinary. I tell you in the guide why you will feel very welcome in St Barts.

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The Gay Scene

In St Barts, you will see gay couples driving around in convertible Minis, all-nude sunbathing on Saline beach, and partying at Le Ti St Barth.
Most visitors rent a villa, so be ready to get an invitation to attend a pool party. In this guide, I tell you where gays hang out, what the coolest parties are, what dating here is like here, and much more.

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All About The Island

The guide gives you a complete overview of what St Barts is like: The beaches, the island neighborhoods, my favorite gourmet restaurants, and night bars, as well as secret hikes to beautiful spots. I also tell you about all the hotels, resorts, and villa rental companies. You also get info on how to get to St Barts from the US.

"St Barts has been attracting discerning gay travelers for decades. Some come here to relax incognito in their villa, others to party hard at Nikki Beach. Pick your style and just be yourself."
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Thibault Masson


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Thank you for getting my St Barts guide, I hope that it’s going to help you decide on coming to St Barts and have a great time on my wonderful little island.

This guide started out as a long email that I used to send you to my friends who were coming to St Barts. Then, it got longer and longer, and I turned it into a 100-page PDF. I am now happy to share it with all gay visitors coming to the island. My goal is to show how gay-friendly St Barts is.

Local people do not really care about who you live with, so relax, smile, and enjoy the gourmet restaurants and the nice cocktails.

In St Barts, I own and rent out 2 wonderful villas with stunning sea views: BelAmour, a romantic designer villa for 2, and Domingue, a great home to share with a group of up to 8 friends. Get my free guide to find out how to contact me easily.

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Is St Barts safe for gay and LGBTQ travelers? Yes, it is. I look forward to welcoming you to St Barths. See you at Salines Beach!

Gay St Barts: A primer for gay men and lesbian travelers

St Barth is a welcoming Caribbean island that mixes French chic with a bohemian laid-back attitude. There is no gay bar per see, as all places where gay tourists go will be happy to entertain them. Unlike other Caribbean individual resorts where things are ok while you stay within the resort limits, the whole of St Barth is your playground. It is ok to go to restaurants, to the beach, to the supermarket, and to the fancy stores as a same-sex couple.

Gay celebrities from the fashion and the media worlds have been island regulars since the late 1970s. As the place has never been a British colony, it never got anti-homosexuality laws. As a part of France, same-sex unions and weddings are legal. While a good part of them are practicing Catholics, the population is generally tolerant.

Most gay tourists stay for a week at a villa or a hotel. Some come for the day from nearby St Martin / Sint Maarten, or even just for a few hours while traveling on cruise ships. The destination is at its best if you stay at least for one night and have dinner somewhere. You will also enjoy the island more if you rent a car, as getting stuck all day in the city port of Gustavia has a certain but limited charm after a few hours.

For more information on gay St Barts activities, attractions, and things to do, make sure to download my free guide.

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The best of tips on how to get to St Barths, where to dine, the beaches we prefer,  when to pick a luxury hotel or a private villa, and more tips to enjoy the island at its best.