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Everyone knows that Gustavia has the best places to shop, but during the low season, from noon to 4pm, the shop owners close down – they need a little break too!

Gustavia shopping1
Gustavia shopping1 photo by afropunks


St Barts lovers know that Gustavia is just like Madison Avenue, with its Cavalli, Cartier, Hermes, Vuitton and Dior boutiques. But they also know that during the “low season,” which is outside of winter months, shops close down to re-open sometime between 4pm & 7pm.


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Gustavia shopping2 photo by Avillability

Gustavia :: Shopping ::

I feel so bad whenever I see people who have taken the ferry to enjoy a day in St Barts and they are stuck in tiny Gustavia, without a car, and without shops to visit. Let’s face it, afer looking at the port for an hour, there’s not much else to do. Shopping is the real alternative, but you need the shops to be open!

Personally, my favorite time to go in to the shops is between 6 & 7 during the low season. It’s usually quiet and the only shoppers are me and one other customer; it gives me plenty of time to chat with the salesperson. If you’re visiting St Barts during the low season, plan your trip to Gustavia during a time of day when you can get the most from your experience!

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Gustavia shopping3 photo by Avillability



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