Gustavia, St Barts: 6 Travel Bloggers Explain Why They Love Saint Barthélemy’s Tiny Capital City
6 Travel Bloggers Explain Why They Love Saint Barthélemy's Tiny Capital City


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How about getting travel tips to St. Barths from travel bloggers who’ve been all around the world? Amazingly, for a small island like Saint Barthélemy, these 6 travel bloggers have been able to come up with a list of 18 various places to visit, from cool restaurants to nice shopping hot spots.

Why did I bother ask the opinions of these people, as they are not locals like me? Well, precisely because their tips are refreshing: Maybe I’ve been accustomed to things and sights that I do not notice anymore, but that would matter a lot to a St. Barths first-timer.

This is also why I had asked other Gustavia locals about their favorite St. Barths restaurants for lunch or about St Barts night restaurants where to go to see and be seen. I let you now enjoy these new tips and thanks again to Katie Lara, Shannon Kircher, Lacy Colley Yamaoka, Sabrina Piccinin, Rum Shop Ryan and Elyse Eisen.

“The beaches, its party and shopping scene “

Katie Lara –

KatieLara TravellingPanties 6 blogger SBH
  • First things first–you’re in St. Barth for the beaches! And while there really aren’t any beaches that aren’t gorgeous, there are a few that were my favorites. Saline and Gouverneur are the best if you’re looking for gorgeous scenery. These beaches are less developed so you’ll find lots of locals sunbathing (many of them nude–ooh la la!) or simply relaxing in the calm waters here.

    Shell Beach is a cool and chill beach with a prime sunset viewing locale. Come here and grab a drink from Do Brazil, one of the hippest bars on the entire island, known for its delicious tropical drinks! Next, Baie de St. Jean is my personal favorite beach! This is the party beach but also the poshest place to hang out. La Plage restaurant and the iconic Nikki Beach are right on the beach. If you’re looking to class it up and rub elbows with a celebrity or two you can visit The Eden Rock Hotel for cocktails at their famous bar, On the Rocks.

  • In addition to its cool and casual spirit, St. Barth is also famous for its party scene, which is likely the reason that so many visitors sleep until noon! Such a fun place!

  • And last but not least, the shopping is amazing. Since the island is brimming with rich clientele, it’s no surprise that their shopping scene is off the hook! You won’t find another island in the Caribbean with better shopping than here. In addition to selling nearly every luxe label you can think of, the island also has several local stores selling island inspired products and resort wear. Take a walk down Gustavia’s main drag and you’ll find luxe stores like Louis Vuitton, Chopard and Hermès. There are also great boutiques like Stephane & Bernard and Human Steps, which feature designers like Missoni, Prada and Valentino.

Shannon Kircher 6 Bloggers StBarths

“The shopping, dining & caribbean feel”

Shannon Kircher –

  • Shopping: Gustavia is a hub for shopping, and it’s not just for those looking to splurge on name brands like Bulgari and Hermes (though those are definitely options). There are fabulous little stores selling everything from handcrafted rums (M’Bolo), second hand finds (Saint-Barth Stock Exchange) and cool and eclectic home goods (Baya St. Barths).

  • The dining: For St. Barths’ tiny size, there are some incredible dining establishments, and Gustavia is a great place to find a high concentration of high end spots. Instead of trying to pick just one, we like to do an ‘appetizer crawl’ through Gustavia, stopping at a few favorite places for an app and a drink. The bar at Bonito is fabulous, and the experience at Orega is a must!

  • The upscale Caribbean feel: At its heart, Gustavia is a port and there’s no better place to see gorgeous boats and mega yachts lined up during the season. St. Barths is incredibly well manicured all around so you’ll see the picture-perfect gingerbread style houses from the hilltops while perusing Gustavia. It’s a gorgeous picture of the French Caribbean.

“The luxury lifestyle and French cuisine”

Lacy Colley Yamaoka –

Lacy Colley Yamaoka 6 bloggers StBarths
  • The red-roofed harbor views and megayacht culture. Try to visit St. Barths during the Bucket Regatta!

  • The luxury shopping and French pharmacies – every woman’s dream when it comes to skincare and all things that smell magnifique.

  • You cannot go to St. Barths without indulging in the luxury lifestyle and French cuisine. Everyone knows about Nikki Beach, less know about La Plage, one of my favorites where locals go to have a good time barefoot on the sand.

Sabrina Piccinin 6 bloggers StBarths

“The natural energy & its charming streets”

Sabrina Piccinin –

  • Tom’s Juice Bar is perfectly in line with the natural energy you feel from the island at their quaint little juice bar in Gustavia. The Byron Bay Ginger Drink, so it only feels right to try their spinoff: ginger, orange tumeric and cayenne.

  • On Foot:

    Gustavia’s Charming Streets the main drag is more 5th Avenue than fishing village. From Louis Vuitton to Cartier and Hermès, the best of global fashion can be found here, and at very favorable prices (St Barts is a duty free port).

  • First Floor and Le Yacht Club, Gustavia

    Here you’ll find white leather sofas, an underlying expectation of bottle service, flowing magnums of champagne and a terrace view that overlooks the yacht-lined Gustavia harbour. Most partygoers start the evening on the First Floor’s terrace and descend down to Le Yacht Club’s illuminated dance floor for some Ibiza beats.

“The contrast of Gustavia”

Rum Shop Ryan –

rumshopryan 6 bloggers Stbarths
  • Ahhhh, St. Barths. I loved the contrast of Gustavia. Many islands in the Caribbean are rural, with small towns that do their best to cater to the cruise ship crowds. Not Gustavia and St. Barths. In Gustavia you’ll find high end shops, luxury taxi cars, and a sophisticated yet laid back vibe. You can’t put your finger on it exactly, you just know it’s special.

  • The second thing I loved about Gustavia were it’s outdoor cafes and bars. Everything is open to the Caribbean breezes and let’s you soak in the energy of the active harbor

  • The third reason I love about Gustavia is that is’t completely walkable. There’s no need for a car, bike or scooter. You can walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes or so. You’ll be able to take in shops, Shell Beach, fresh croissants, and delicious wine (or rum) along the way.

Elyse Eisen 6 bloggers StBarths

“Getting up close and personal with stunning views of Gustavia”

Elyse Eisen –

  • Watching the hopper planes fly into Saint Barthélemy Airport is one of my favorite things to do in St. Barths. I have always been fascinated by planes and spend a significant amount of time on board, but getting up close and personal with stunning views of Gustavia is an experience unlike anything else anywhere in the Caribbean.

  • Sunset rosé at Eden Rock St. Barths. Views are spectacular, the scene is elite without being off-putting and the cocktails are ever-flowing. Whether wrapping up the day or kicking off a night, the pink of the rosé blends seamlessly with St. Barths’ turquoise waters.

  • Taxi rides and tour guides – the COWBOY! Maybe the best thing that happened on my last trip to St. Barths was our taxi driver turned tour guide. I wanted to see the island on my own time (not a planned tour) and expected to have to call taxis along the way – no big deal. That was when the amazing concierge at The Christopher Hotel enlisted the services of a Guadeloupe transplant that changed the game. This gentle giant took us over the mountain and through the woods sharing his local insight, island history and celebrity encounters to name a few.

    I can’t say enough about COWBOY, the best taxi driver and island tour of my life. COWBOY cell: 0690 53 59 22 /

    Credit : The Tipsy Traveler

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