Ligne St Barth: Aloe Vera Gel with Mint, My favorite do-it-all for men

Ligne St Barth skin care products are very dear to my heart, because they are natural, they are made in St Barts (you pass the tiny atelier on your way to Salines beach), and whenever I put some of these products on my body, it just smells like St Barts.

Aloe vera gel

St. Barths Aloe vera gel 


When I am in St Barts, I use Ligne St Barth’s Aloe Vera Gel lotion every day. We actually have aloe vera growing in our garden. A friend of mine, who grew up in the West Indies and who is a doctor, showed me how to cut aloe vera plants and use their core to soothe sun burn.

Well, I use this aloe vera gel twice a day: once in the morning after shaving and once in the afternoon after my coming-back-from-the-beach shower. It heals the skin, it is very fresh on your face, and it just smells nice (a subtle smell).

Every year, I bring back to Paris loads of Ligne St Barth’s little bottles of wonder and offer them to my friends. Nowadays, you do not have to go the island to get them. For instance, I have noticed that had started carrying the products..

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