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Ligne St. Barth

Ligne St. Barth photo by fortheloveofbeautyblog2


When your laboratories are located on an island as unique as St. Barts, you are expected to make exceptional body care products, which is exactly what Ligne St Barth does.

Family owned and operated by the BRINS, these products are highly regarded around the world.  Appreciated by top professionals in the beauty industry, anyone who knows Ligne St Barth knows what exceptional quality is.

Their skin care products are manufactured exclusively here on the island and ontain all the active ingredients of the plants, fruits and flowers of the Caribbean from which they are extracted. Because of their unique composition, their texture and fluidity have a natural affinity with the skin.

Ligne St Barth 2

(photo by: tenditrendy)


Ligne St Barth also happens to be the first producer of sun care products with Roucou. Having formed a special

partnership with the last Caribbean Indian Community, the laboratory was able to secure roucouyer seeds. These seeds produce a natural sunscreen and also have anti-inflamatory properties. This unique complex is the base of the Linge St Barth’s line of products.

Everyone should experience Ligne St Barth – even if it’s just once.  Chances are, once you feel your skin or touch your hair after using these products, you won’t want to settle for anything less.  Lucky for everyone, they ship all over the world so your favorite products are only a click away.