Lovely Swim at Gouverneur Beach

I had yesterday a lovely swim at Gouverneur beach. Like all of St Barts’ beaches, Gouverneur was hit by the recent high seas. But for some reason, I find that the beach was improved as a result.

gouverner beach2

gouverner beach2 photo by !! TLipscomb !!

If you have been to Gouverneur, you know that the beach is located in a beautiful private cove, owned by software-genius-turned-St-Barts-musician Jeet. The beach remains beautiful. Yet, over the years, it was getting harder and harder to get into the water from the beach : big rocks (called “cailles” in local parlance) were showing and hurting feet quite a bit when getting in or out of the water.

The high seas hit the beach in Gouverneur just like everywhere else. The result was that sand was pulled down from the beach and covered the cailles. Hence, I was able yesterday to get into the water from any point of the beach. This is just great.

As usual, some people were naked, at the farthest end of the beach. There were at most 20 of us on the beach at 3pm. Gouverneur is a small Salines to me, beautiful, free. Just more houses overlooking the bay … and the naked sun seekers  😉