A Local St Barts Brand: MC2 Saint Barth

MC2 Saint Barth: Their beachwear collection drew inspiration from the gorgeous Caribbean sea colors, white sand, and shells of St. Barth’s island

Saint Barthelemy, or Saint Barts, has been a famous home and tourist destination for many years. The island has a rich and varied history, visible in its streets and culture. Saint Barts is known for its turquoise waters and sandy beaches. 

The island has inspired its share of creativity, including the brand MC2 Saint Barth. A clothing line based on the bright colors and sunny atmosphere of Saint Barthelemy, MC2 Saint Barth is a Saint Barts brand. The clothing has been sold worldwide and brought more visitors to the island that started its patterns. 

MC2 Saint Barth

MC2 Saint Barth is one of the first clothing lines local to the island. The patterns and colors of the island appear in the clothing. Resort wear is a niche market, but MC2 Saint Barth is in the right place for it – the resorts and sandy beaches of Saint Barts are perfect for lounge and swimwear. 

MC2 Saint Barth doesn’t just copy the island’s vibes and style–they also represent the island directly, with shirts and tote bags that say “Visit Saint Barth” or “Scuba Saint Barth.” Tourists and island dwellers alike wear MC2 Saint Barth to show their love for the island. 

The flagship store of MC2 Saint Barth remains in a quaint island house-inspired shop in Gustavia, the island’s principal city. The clothing company remains true to its roots even as it expands around the world – you can still find the most original island styles without going to the mainland. 

Brand History

Inspired by the sand and sea of Saint Barth itself, MC2 Saint Barth offers a huge beachwear collection and clothing for a sunny day. Founder Max Ferrari visited the island in 1994 and was enchanted by the atmosphere. With his experience in the entrepreneurial and fashion industries, he was able to start MC2 Saint Barth. 

The MC2 airplane was the first airplane to land on the island, kickstarting the tourism industry. MC2 Saint Barth takes its name from this airplane and, of course, the island itself, the original inspiration for the clothing. In tying itself to the island’s history, the brand cements itself in the niche of resort-style clothing. 

The brand quickly took off and is now featured in swimwear catalogs around the world. It’s one of the most successful resort wear brands, but the flagship store hasn’t moved from its original location in Saint Barts. Visitors can experience the original MC2 Saint Barths and its extensive swimwear collection. 

Recently, MC2 Saint Barth has added more partnered products featuring other resort towns, exotic locations, or animated characters. Their Mickey Mouse-themed products include swim shorts, shirts, and accessories with the famous mouse. Partnerships have allowed MC2 Saint Barth to grow even more in the global fashion world. 

Clothing and Catalogues 

MC2 Saint Barth offers many different lines of clothing, from accessories to beachwear. It’s all brightly colored, relaxed style clothing for lounging by the ocean or shopping about town. They’ve recently added a line of winter and skiwear for the more northern vacationer, but MC2 Saint Barth’s biggest sellers are from their swimwear line. 

MC2 Saint Barths is known chiefly for its swimwear. They offer dozens of designs and patterns for comfortable and fun swimwear. Their bright colors and large patterns add a splash of excitement to swimmers and sunbathers on the shores of Saint Barts every summer. 

The men’s section of the catalog reflects the culture of Saint Barth with various themes, including jungle mood, tie-dye, gingham, and maiolica (vibrant, mandala-like patterns). There are also other pattern options, less island-themed and more city-themed. Some of these are part of their new line, St. Barths to Miami. 

Women’s clothing offers similar options, with added pastels and variety. One of the store’s bestselling lines is “La Chemise de St. Barth,” a collection of striped tops with “St. Barth” embroidered across the back. These shirts take inspiration from the island they originated on and are very popular in the flagship store. 

In addition to their men’s and women’s lines, MC2 Saint Barth offers clothing for boys and girls. There are also mother and daughter matching sets and father and son sets. There is something for everyone with these options and the wide assortment of bags, hats, and accessories. 

The store offers various St. Barth embroidered shirts for every group – men’s, women’s, children’s, and families. They also sell embellished handbags, totes, caps, and other accessories. It’s common to see an MC2 Saint Barth bag or embroidered hat on and around the island. 

The company also focuses on helping the environment of the island that inspired their clothing. MC2 Saint Barths launched a line of wholly recycled clothing a few years ago. The swimwear, loungewear, and athletic wear in this collection consist of entirely recycled fabric. 

Local Style 

Because Saint Barts is home to several resorts, the casual resort wear style of MC2 Saint Barth fits in well on the island. It is appropriate for the relaxing lifestyle of scuba diving, surfing, yachting, and lounging of St. Bart’s life. 

Whether the styles are island or city-based, pop culture or beachy, the MC2 Saint Barth brand commits to style and comfort. However, some of their best-selling beachwear items are island-themed clothes. MC2 Saint Barth is an original St Barts brand and remains based on the island. 

Final Thoughts

MC2 Saint Barth was founded on this island by an entrepreneur who wanted to capture the essence of Saint Barts. He poured the island’s vibrance, colors, and casual comfort into the clothes and made them into a worldwide sensation for resort wear. 

If you visit Saint Barthelemy and shop at local brands, MC2 Saint Barth is a great option for clothing, accessories, and swimwear. They were created on this island and continue to be a large part of our tourism and shopping industries. MC2 Saint Barth is the original Saint Barts island wear – stop into the flagship store while you’re here! 


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