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Behind villa BelAmour, villa Domingue, and, you find a team of St Barths lovers who’ve been living on the island for years.
They are also travelers, so they understand your needs when it comes to picking the perfect for you and your loved ones.


Bruno de Courrèges and Thibault Masson are happy to welcome you at their St Barths villas. They have built, expanded, and renovated BelAmour and Domingue with much love. The villas reflect as much their tastes as their willingness to make the properties the best places for their guests.

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thibault masson saint barth saintbarth-com

Thibault Masson


owner // travel blogger

Thibault Masson

Thank you for visiting, the website for our St Barths villas. I own, with my business partner and friend Bruno, two vacation villas on the island. I have created to share my travel tips with our own villa guests, whether they are staying at the 3-bedroom Villa Domingue or at our lovers’ nest, Villa Belamour.
My goal is to help you understand why Saint Barths is the best place for you, as a couple, as a family or a group of friends, to create lifelong vacation memories with your loved ones.

Hotel-like services in the privacy of your home
Staying at BelAmour and Domingue not only means enjoying life a stunning villa, but also benefiting from hotel-like services (minus the other guests and the presence of tens of employees).

For instance, all of my guests benefit from a personalized welcome at the airport or at the port, daily house cleaning of the bedroom and of  the villa (except on bank holidays), and high-quality bed linens and bath towels (changed on request).

My concierge Frankie can also have breakfast, lunch, or dinner delivered at the villas. He can also arrange boat tours, book a table at a restaurant and many other services. Just ask us!

The team is very proud to have seen their work endorsed by luxury travel publications.

Luxury Villa BelAmour St Barths press mentions


My business partner Bruno and I have been owning Villa Domingue, also in Pointe Milou, for almost 20 years. Domingue is where I have the fondest memories of St. Barths, but still I wanted a special place where I could stay when there was no friends or family to entertain. Something even more secluded, bolder in its architecture, with views just as amazing, but still a great place where to live.


I had been thinking about building BelAmour for about 10 years. I knew that it would not be easy, as the villa had to sit on the edge of a cliff, and as half of the house would have to be buried back into the hill. However, it was a prerequisite for spectacular views and maximum privacy.

It took me 2 years to complete the project, as I had also to think about how to make it my home in St. Barths while at the same time making it a vacation rental for guests like you. As I live between here in St. Barths and Bali, in Indonesia, the villa is empty at times. Moreover, when I have friends and family staying with me, we all move to my other villa, Domingue, which has 4 bedrooms.

So, I knew from the start that this house would open to guests. But I wanted the villa to be special, to be great place for a “cele-cation’, a vacation fit for a great celebration. This is why I made it very spacious, very private and asked French artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to create a unique mural painting about love in St Barts.


  • I’ve been a vacation rental owner for more than 20 years, with experience both here in St. Barths and in Indonesia (Bali).
  • My villas have been selected, year after year, by the top Caribbean villa rental agencies like WIMCO, Luxury Retreats and Sibarth. BelAmour is among the few villas endorsed as a rental partner by the most elitist hotels in St. Barths, the Eden Rock St. Barths.
  • Luxury travel publications like Robb Report, Yonder, A Luxury Travel Blog, Jet Society and others have mentioned my villas.
  • You will be treated professionally: I’ve been interviewed in numerous vacation rental industry publications and podcasts, such Vacation Rental Success, Vacation Rental Owner’s Guide, Holiday Let Success and Overseas Property. Experience is key when you compare St Barts villas by owner (VRBO).
  • Like you, I want the most of my hard-earned vacation time. You are busy, people expect a lot from you, so you rightly expect your vacation home to be special
  • I am French, but I’ve also had a US education, and I live part of the year in Bali, which makes me aware of the likes and wants of international travelers.
  • My employee Sandra works 6 days a week at the villa and provides excellent service. She can help you make your vacation even more special.

I understand that :

  • People like you, who would opt for a vacation rental over a hotel, want the comforts of home, but also the extra touches that they can’t get in their everyday spaces, which always become cluttered with the “stuff” and obligations of daily life.
  • Staying in a private home lets you sit down at the end of the day and really savor the unique sights, sounds, and experiences that you encountered a few hours earlier, and to share tales of the day’s adventures with your loved one.
  • Busy people sometimes have to work, even a vacation, so knowing that there is a strong wifi connection (plus a printer and a computer) gives you peace of mind. I have my run my internet business from the house at times, so I know how vital this can be.


The best of tips on how to get to St Barths, where to dine, the beaches we prefer,  when to pick a luxury hotel or a private villa, and more tips to enjoy the island at its best.