Navigating St. Barths: Renting a Car vs. Using Taxis
st barths - taxis vs rental cars


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A Tragic Reminder

Last week, our community was shaken by a tragic accident on the main road in Grand Fond. On May 30, 2024, a young man lost his life when his scooter collided with a truck. The exact cause of the accident remains unknown, and an investigation is underway. This sad event serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of road safety on our beloved island.

Should Tourists Rent a Car?

Many tourists visiting St. Barths for the first time often wonder whether they should rent a car. Given the island’s small size, some assume that taxis or even ride-sharing services like Uber will suffice. However, Uber does not operate here due to a strong local taxi monopoly. Therefore, relying solely on taxis can be inconvenient and expensive, especially at night. As Phil, a member of’s Facebook community, aptly puts it, “You can’t truly experience the island if you don’t rent a car. Taxis are difficult and not easily available, worse at night. I would recommend renting a car.”

The Need for Independence

Renting a car is highly recommended for those who wish to explore the island freely. From the pristine beaches of Saline to the bustling capital of Gustavia, or from the serene Lorient to the picturesque Toiny, having a car allows you to travel at your own pace. Dean suggests renting from Turbé Car Rental, highlighting a trusted option for newcomers.

While the island’s roads can be narrow and winding, driving in St. Barths is part of the adventure and charm of your visit. An anonymous community member shared, “I just booked a Kia for 40 euros a day, so it’s much more affordable to rent.”

St. Barths Roads: A Unique Driving Experience

The roads of St. Barths are known for their narrow, winding, and often steep nature. The island’s hilly and mountainous terrain adds to the driving challenge, making it essential for drivers to remain attentive and cautious. Despite the difficulty, the stunning coastal views and lush landscapes make driving an enjoyable experience for many visitors. It is advisable to rent smaller vehicles, which are more suited to the island’s road conditions.

The Social Aspect of Driving

One aspect to consider is the island’s vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Many visitors enjoy indulging in fine dining and local drinks, which can pose a challenge if someone needs to remain sober to drive. Liz emphasized, “Drivers are easy and safer – especially at night!” This underscores the importance of planning ahead, whether by arranging a designated driver or using taxi services for a night out.

Community Tips

Our Facebook community offers a wealth of advice for those navigating the island:

  • Adam: “Just tell each waiter/waitress to call you a cab or wherever you are staying the front desk can. Then ask for their cards after the ride and text/call them when you find a couple of drivers you like. They all use WhatsApp to text and set up rides.”
  • Elaine: “Rent a small car and don’t get distracted by the views!”
  • Kristin: “Don’t speed. There is nowhere you actually need to be that quickly. Drive slow and enjoy all the views!”
  • Monika: “Budget Car Rental at the Gustavia airport picked me up from the ferry from SXM and dropped me off! Believe it was 35 euros for the day. I was going to rent a scooter, but glad I didn’t because the roads are a bit hilly. Go with a small rental car to hop around the 11 gorgeous beaches!”

Official List of St. Barths Taxis

For those who prefer not to drive, here is the official list of St. Barths taxis, including their contact numbers and vehicle details:

ID TaxiDriver NamePhoneVehicle RegistrationVehicle TypeCapacity
1Gagan Mathurin06 90 77 33 88237VHyundai8
2Gumbs Denis06 90 65 88 8569EFord Explorer XLT6
3Greaux Karine06 90 45 43 53133THyundai6
4Magras Liliane06 90 64 95 79151TMercedes8
5Blanchard Jean-Claude06 90 49 02 97291JHyundai8
6Laplace Ludovic06 90 33 42 51703HJeep4
7Rabahi Djamel06 90 26 38 48391GHyundai8
8Ledee Ernest06 90 50 85 13861PSuzuki7
9Gouineau Julien06 90 13 99 44959NMercedes-Benz Black SUV4
10Questel Claude06 90 49 34 54428NHyundai8
11Greaux Amandine – Dine Taxi06 90 55 46 52817QHyundai H1 Gris8
12Roux Gregoire06 90 26 85 5676MMercedes GLE4
13Greaux Franckie06 90 59 17 22974MHyundai8
14Ledee Alan06 90 75 06 46700RMercedes Classe V7
15Virapin Claudius06 90 53 59 22773QKia6
16Questel Gael06 90 53 12 74227HNissan8
17Brisson Guillaume06 90 39 45 66895NMercedes Benz GLC4
18Greaux David06 90 14 75 11439QDodge4
19Bernier Marie Hélène06 90 63 46 0995XHyundai H18
20Bardon David06 90 06 66 66200VMercedes7
21Greaux Jimmy06 90 61 25 02758THyundai8
22Questel Germain06 90 65 89 49802FNissan8
23Paulin Thierry06 90 55 61 67442QMercedes8
24Romeo-Gothschek Pierre06 90 59 96 88689PHyundai H-18
25Gouineau Amandine06 90 51 51 66857QBMW4
26Escax Philippe06 90 31 53 05191HFord Explorer XLT6
27Chinon Maryse06 90 56 59 59680TRange Rover4
28Aube Sebastien06 90 56 57 15980JMercedes Benz4
29Yankee Cornish06 90 59 81 31396HDacia Lodgy6
30Jules Rudy06 90 73 27 21563MRange Rover4
31Greaux Samuel06 90 35 80 71253PMercedes Benz4
32Folletête Laurent06 90 33 33 5546KMercedes GLA4
33Questel Annabelle06 90 63 09 85419MSsangyong6
34Greaux Ferdinand06 90 56 30 76251MSuzuki7
35Romeo Barbara06 90 61 57 25199ESuzuki APV7
36Magras Ernest



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