7 Incredibly Romantic Things To Do in St. Barths


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St. Barths has a reputation as one of the most picturesque and luxurious islands in the Caribbean, thanks to its combination of stunning natural beaches and beauty, lavish hotels and gourmet restaurants, and nightlife that keeps going until dawn. It’s no wonder this small tropical island annually hosts celebrities and jet setters from all over the world.

However, there is another side to St. Barths that is perfect for couples looking to indulge in a romantic getaway. The island has hidden beaches, relaxing spas, and romantic, candlelit restaurants with unforgettable views if you know where to look. St. Barths beaches and St. Barths restaurants are world-famous.

If you are thinking of visiting with your partner and enjoying some romance on the scenic island of St. Barths, there are some places and activities you certainly cannot miss during your stay. Enjoy our list of 7 Romantic Things To Do in St. Barths.

Watch the Sunset at Shell Beach From Shellona

The first suggestion on the list may be one of the most obvious, but Shell Beach really is a uniquely stunning destination on St. Barths. Named after the millions of shells that make up the beach instead of sand, Shell Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and offers beachgoers a killer sunset to boot.

View from above shell beach |© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com

Swim in the crystal clear ocean, and then take your partner to Shellona to enjoy a low-key meal and watch the sunset over the brightly colored shells and turquoise water. Order two of Shellona’s tasty cocktails made with fresh tropical fruit and enjoy the restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere together.

Picnic For Two in Secluded Colombier

If you want to find a more secluded spot on the island and don’t mind doing something a little active, go to isolated Colombier Beach and layout a romantic picnic for two. Colombier is relatively quiet because it can only be reached by a 25-minute hike along a rocky goat trail or by boat, but the uncrowded, peaceful feel of the beach is definitely worth the extra effort.

Sunny day at Colombier |© Jay Colbath/FLICKR
Sunny day at Colombier |© Jay Colbath/FLICKR

The only time you may find plenty of other couples around you is on Sunday when many locals come out to enjoy their own romantic time at Colombier. On any other day, pack food, wine, and towels and head out to this hidden beauty of a beach, and you will find that you are almost alone with your partner.

If you’re a couple that truly enjoys the ocean and outdoors, you may also want to take snorkeling gear with you and explore the underwater world of Colombier’s clear blue waters together; make sure to do this before indulging in the wine, not after!

Book An Exclusive Romantic Tropical Villa With an Ocean View

It can be hard to enjoy romantic moments next to a crowded hotel pool or admire a beautiful tropical view with your partner while other hotel guests swarm around you. That is why the most romantic thing you can do when it comes to lodging in St. Barths is to book your own Caribbean villa to enjoy truly intimate moments as a couple. Of course, we are totally biased, as we own two wonderful villas, BelAmour and Domingue.

BelAmour st barts villa with sunset view
Most villas in St. Barths include refreshing pools to take a dip in. (Villa BelAmour)
villa domingue st barths bedroom #1
Bedroom with a view for romantic moments (Villa Domingue)

Villas like BelAmour were made for couples looking for a little romance, as the villa provides a stunning sea view and plenty of privacy, with a maid stopping in once in a while, so neither of you has to lift a finger on your romantic getaway. If you are vacationing with other couples, you still have the option to book a private villa, as lodgings such as the Domingue can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people and provide the same intimate, romantic atmosphere.

Spa Treatment for Two at Rosewood Le Guanahani

The most important part of a romantic getaway should be for both you and your partner to relax and indulge your senses, so why not try a couples’ massage or any other option off a tempting menu of spa treatments at Le Guanahani? The ambiance at this spa will put you and your partner in a Zen mood right away as you walk through tropical gardens to get to the teak and mahogany-accented rooms. Enjoy the swimming pool, tea pavilion, and steam room together, or sign up for one of the many rejuvenating treatments at Rosewood Le Guanahani that will make both of you feel refreshed and reconnected.

Hotel Guanahani St Barth
Relaxing at Le Guanahani|© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com
le guanahani_stbarths
Pamper yourself|© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com
A romantic getaway|© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com

If you’re going to go out for a romantic dinner and drinks later – which is highly recommended in this tropical paradise – what better way to prepare than by taking advantage of one of the spa’s many other beauty treatments, including body wraps and facials, so you will both look and feel your best before heading out for the night.

Lunch at Le Toiny Restaurant With Panoramic Views of the Ocean

Panoramic St. Barths view from LE TOINY RESTAURANT |© saintbarth.com
wonderfully delicious menu|© baron jamesson for saintbarth.com
Breathtaking view from the restaurant |© baron jamesson for saintbarth.com

The French-inspired gourmet menu is wonderfully delicious, and while dining you will get to watch the sparking blue ocean under the warm tropical sun, all from one of the best vantage points the island has to offer. 

Swim Naked at Saline Beach

For couples who are OK with something a little more adventurous and a little more risqué, you can indulge in some nude swimming at Saline Beach. You have to go on a short five-minute hike to get to this beautiful, secluded beach, but the privacy and natural beauty are well worth it.

You can indulge in some nude swimming at Saline Beach |© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com
The crystal clear sea|© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com
Just enjoy some all-natural relaxation|© bruno de courreges for saintbarth.com

Go to the far side of the beach, strip down with your partner, and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean waters in the nude. This is definitely a romantic activity you can enjoy only in a few select places, so take advantage of the totally accepted status of nude swimming in this area of St. Barths! You will most likely not be the only nude group here. Gay and straight couples enjoy. Again, just to make to lay your towel on either side of the long beach, not right in the middle where families hang out.

After swimming in the crystal clear sea, go out and lie on the beach to get one of the best tans of your life (no tan lines!). Keep in mind, because Saline Beach is a private, quiet beach, there are no beach bars or facilities, so this is the perfect place to get away from the huge crowds and party vibe of the island and just enjoy some all-natural relaxation. 

Rent a Yacht to Explore the Island’s Waters

If you are willing to splurge a little, the most romantic experience you can have on St. Barths involves getting off the island and onto a boat. Rent a luxurious yacht from one of the many rental services the island offers, and just the two of you (along with the boat’s crew) can head out to explore the island from a different perspective.

St Barths yachts
Yachts in the clear blue waters of St. Barths (Photo by tiarescott/CC By. 4.0)
St. Barths Yacht
Yachts in the Gustavia Marina (Photo by Torrey Wiley/CC By 4.0)
St. Barths Yacht Sea View
View of boats in the St. Barths sea (Photo by Torrey Wiley/CC By 4.0)

Discover romantic hidden beaches, dive into the open water together, and lounge around on deck with food, wine, and only the calming sound of the ocean around you. This is the most VIP romantic experience you can have during your St. Barths vacation, and the absolute privacy a luxurious rental yacht affords you will allow you to spend some quality time together while enjoying the ocean air.

If you hadn’t thought of St. Barths as an incredibly romantic destination, the above 7 activities that give just a taste of the romance the island has to offer should have convinced you otherwise. Head down to this luxurious paradise with your partner and enjoy an unparalleled couples’ getaway.

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