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New Year in St. Barths

New Year in St. Barths

First off, Happy New Year to all! 2013 was a great year and 2014 looks to be a promising year, especially in St. Barths where a lot of activities are being lined up all year round.

Kevin Hart and Ludacris

Kevin Hart and Ludacris photo by @KevinHart4real thru POSTARGRAM

Pre-New Year in St. Barths was filled with many celebrities, one of which is famous comedian Kevin Hart who enjoyed the beach together with rapper Ludacris.

Celebrities in St. Barths

After the New Year, the onslaught of celebrities in St. Barths didn’t stop. “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr., was in a beach in St. Barths with family; “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest was also in St. Barths, with bikini babes, and “The Beatles” legend Sir Paul McCartney was with wife Nancy enjoying the beach. These are just some of the many other celebrities frequenting St. Barths over the week.

And last but not the least, the very famous “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone, partying with DJ David Guetta on New Years Eve in St. Barths. Check out the video in this link.

Partying in St. Barths

Moving on to the regular people partying in St. Barths, here are some of them who share personal experiences they have in St. Barths. ALEXIA BERGSTROM shares in her blog the nightlife in Le Ti, St. Barths saying it was a different experience this time around even though she’s been here many times before. The party at Le Ti didn’t stop there, the after party was just as awesome, going yachting and chilling at a friend’s house. These kinds of happenings people share make it exciting to read about St. Barths.

Another one of our visiting guests in St. Barths shows how to arrive in style. Watch the video.

St. Barths’ reputation and impression in the eyes of the rich and famous

Although vacation in St. Barths is almost always perfect, there is always that question of how long is it gonna be that way? How long will St. Barths remain as the top exclusive vacation spot for the rich and famous tourists? That similar issue is tackled by on their article in January 1, 2014.  What a way to welcome the new year.

St Barths

St Barths

St. Barths inquiry and our answer

On another note, we have a few inquiries by tourists with regards to anything and everything about St. Barths.

 asks about the different islands in the Caribbean as she is planning to have a girl’s trip to St. Barths. She hopes to look for the perfect villa spot (complete with a swimming pool) which is close to restaurants and shopping areas. Narrowing her search to these websites VRBO, WIMCO, St. Barths Properties, she says she is new to St. Barths and asks if it is better to search just Gustavia.

We answered this inquiry by saying that St. Barths is relatively small, so just focus on finding the right villa since most villas are close to a beach or restaurant-only a 15-minute drive.

Another inquiry by  about villa rentals where she says that she is planning a 3rd trip to St. Barths together with her husband in 2015. In 2008 she stayed at Lorient and in 2012 at Anse des Cayes 

Villa Domingue living room

Villa Domingue living room

saying she enjoyed her previous stays but is looking to try something new.

Her preferences this time are: villa with views of Gustavia (the harbor), a pool, and an outside hot tub. She found it difficult finding such preferences even though she is also looking up at Wimco.


St. Barths Villa Domingue

St. Barths Villa Domingue

We answered such inquiry saying that: WIMCO and Sibarth are the first agencies to turn to. But by using the most powerful search engine, just type in the right specific keywords in the searchbox, maybe try using French words like pool = piscine, hot tube = jacuzzi, and so we encouraged her to try “Gustavia villa piscine jacuzzi” in Google.

For any other inquiries that may have anything to do with St. Barths and travel, a lot of websites offer great information. Check these sites out:

1. Luxury



As a last recourse, you can always use the default search engine

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Now we leave you some of the best pictures of St. Barths this week:

Le Toiny, St. Barths
Le Toiny, St. Barths photo by Gardiner Allen
Villa Domingue swimming pool

Villa Domingue swimming pool


Saline Beach, St. Barths

Saline Beach, St. Barths photo by astridav

The View Villa poolside

The View Villa poolside (photo:


Grand Cul de Sac

Grand Cul de Sac (photo by LaNe_Door)