St Barths’ top restaurants in 2024, according to the community
st barths best restaurants 2024


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Embarking on a culinary journey through St. Barths, my’s travel blog community om Facebook called “I love St Barts – Ask Questions, Share Your Travel Tips by SaintBarth.Com” has voiced their preferences in a vibrant restaurant survey. (Survey is still open, feel free to vote here for the next edition).

The question was: What is your favorite restaurant in St Barths in 2024?

This exploration into the island’s dining scene reveals not just the top choices like L’Isola and Bonito, renowned for their exquisite Italian and French-Latin American fusion cuisines respectively, but also uncovers a broader appreciation for diverse culinary experiences. From the serene gardens of Le Tamarin to the authentic Creole flavors of Eddie’s Ghetto, the rankings mirror our community’s quest for both sophistication and authenticity.

Interestingly, while establishments nestled in luxurious hotels showed often very average performances, it’s the unique and genuine dining experiences that have captured the hearts of our community. This collective insight not only highlights the gastronomic gems of St. Barths but also invites blog readers and Facebook group members alike to continue shaping our culinary map. Join the conversation and cast your vote, as we delve deeper into the flavors that make St. Barths a true foodie’s paradise. community survey results: Best restaurants in St Barths in 2024

  1. L’Isola (14%): Esteemed for its refined Italian cuisine, L’Isola offers a romantic and intimate dining experience. Guests can expect expertly prepared classic dishes, made from the freshest ingredients, alongside an extensive selection of fine wines in a setting that exudes elegance.
  2. Bonito (13%): Bonito stands out with its French-Latin American fusion menu, set against the backdrop of breathtaking hilltop views over the harbor. The ambiance is stylish yet relaxed, with an open-air dining area that invites diners to linger over beautifully presented dishes and inventive cocktails.
  3. Le Tamarin (10%): Nestled in a lush garden, Le Tamarin offers a peaceful dining environment. The menu is a celebration of innovative cuisine, where traditional ingredients are used in creative ways to produce a memorable gastronomic experience. The serene garden setting adds a unique charm.
  4. Eddie’s Ghetto (10%): A local favorite, Eddie’s Ghetto is known for its authentic Creole cuisine, served in a cozy and informal setting. This restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking to experience the heart and soul of local cooking, with dishes that are rich in flavor and history.
  5. Fish Corner (5%): As its name suggests, Fish Corner is the go-to place for seafood enthusiasts. Specializing in fresh, locally sourced seafood, this casual spot offers a straightforward menu where the quality of ingredients speaks for itself, all within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Zion (5%): Zion offers a vibrant dining experience with its blend of Caribbean and international cuisine. The atmosphere is lively and colorful, reflecting the spirit of the island. Diners can enjoy a range of dishes that are as flavorful as they are diverse, in a setting that often features live music.
  7. L’Esprit de Jean Claude (5%): Tucked away in a more secluded spot, L’Esprit de Jean Claude is celebrated for its exquisite French cuisine. The chef’s attention to detail is evident in every dish, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and elegant presentation. The dining experience is enhanced by the tranquil and romantic ambiance.
  8. La Petit Plage (4%): Situated on the beach, La Petit Plage offers stunning ocean views and a relaxed dining atmosphere. The menu features seafood specialties and international dishes, perfect for enjoying while listening to live music and the sound of waves.
  9. Black Ginger (4%): Black Ginger introduces diners to contemporary Thai cuisine in a minimalist yet elegant setting. The menu combines traditional Thai flavors with a modern twist, offering dishes that are both familiar and surprising. The tranquil ambiance makes it a perfect spot for a sophisticated dining experience.
  10. Le Manapany (3%): At Le Manapany, guests can savor French and Caribbean fusion cuisine with a focus on organic, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant boasts stunning sea views, providing a serene backdrop for a meal that is both delicious and sustainably minded.
  11. La Langouste (3%): Known for its exceptional lobster dishes, La Langouste offers a quintessential beachside dining experience. The casual yet charming setting is ideal for enjoying a meal under the sun or stars, with a menu that celebrates the best of the sea.
  12. Le Papillon Ivre (3%): This wine bar and bistro is perfect for those looking to explore an extensive selection of wines accompanied by tapas-style dishes. Le Papillon Ivre provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, where guests can enjoy leisurely tastings and engaging conversations.
  13. Ocean Club (3%): Combining the relaxed vibe of a beach club with the sophistication of an upscale restaurant, Ocean Club offers a diverse menu of international dishes with an emphasis on fresh seafood and inventive cocktails. The chic setting and ocean views create a memorable dining experience.
  14. Le Grain de Sel (3%): Offering a rustic and cozy atmosphere, Le Grain de Sel serves up inventive dishes that use local ingredients in unexpected ways. This restaurant is a celebration of Caribbean flavors, with a menu that is both comforting and adventurous.
  15. Nyama (2%): Specializing in barbecue and smoked meats, Nyama is the perfect spot for those seeking hearty and flavorful dishes. The laid-back atmosphere and focus on simple, well-prepared food make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  16. L’Oubli (2%): A popular café and bar, L’Oubli is known for its vibrant breakfast and brunch offerings, as well as its cocktail menu. It’s a great spot for casual dining or a relaxed drink, with a friendly vibe that welcomes everyone.
  17. La Kala (2%): Located dockside, La Kala offers fresh fish dishes in a relaxed, maritime-themed setting. The menu is a testament to the island’s rich seafood offerings, served in a straightforward manner that lets the quality of the ingredients shine.
  18. Le Piment (1%): Le Piment is a lively restaurant that offers a fusion of French and Creole cuisines. Known for its spicy dishes and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a place where diners can enjoy flavorful meals in a fun and energetic setting.
  19. La Cabane Cheval (1%): This beach shack is celebrated for its straightforward approach to local dishes, offering an authentic taste of the island in an unbeatable beachfront location. It’s the perfect spot for a casual meal with your feet in the sand.
  20. Baz Bar (1%): With live music and a laid-back bar atmosphere, Baz Bar is ideal for those looking to enjoy sushi and international bites. The waterfront location adds to its appeal, making it a great place to unwind and socialize.
  21. Le Jardin (1%): Set within a tranquil garden, Le Jardin offers a menu focused on light, health-conscious meals. It’s a serene spot for those seeking a peaceful dining experience surrounded by nature.
  22. Eden Rock (1%): Located at the luxurious Eden Rock Resort, this restaurant offers fine dining with breathtaking sea views. The menu showcases sophisticated cuisine in an elegant setting, making it a choice spot for a special occasion.
  23. Le P’tit corail (1%): This quaint restaurant offers an intimate dining experience with a focus on fresh, local seafood. The small, cozy setting ensures personalized attention and dishes prepared with care.
  24. Le Christopher (1%): Offering stunning ocean views, Le Christopher is known for its modern cuisine and sophisticated ambiance. It’s a place where diners can enjoy innovative dishes in a setting that epitomizes luxury.
  25. Ti’ Corail (1%): A casual beachfront venue known for its excellent selection of cocktails and snacks. Ti’ Corail is the perfect spot to enjoy the island vibe, with its relaxed atmosphere and scenic views.
  26. Caribbean Tasty: Celebrating the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean, this restaurant offers a menu full of spicy, hearty dishes. The emphasis is on creating a joyful dining experience that reflects the warmth and diversity of Caribbean cuisine.



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