St. Barths Water Supply Challenges: What You Need to Know as a Traveler
st barts water supply challenges


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St. Barths, our stunning Caribbean paradise, faces water supply challenges due to its natural geography and growing population. With many visitors arriving from the US each year, it’s essential to understand the island’s water situation and the recent disruptions that have impacted its water network. This article will discuss the water context in St. Barths, what happened, and what should be done to ensure the island’s water resources are managed sustainably.

Water Context in St. Barths

Most residents on the island rely on cisterns to store rainwater for their daily needs, given St. Barths’ limited freshwater resources. These cisterns play a crucial role in providing water for household use, particularly during periods of low rainfall. However, the water from the desalination plant serves as an essential plan B, offering a reliable alternative when cisterns run dry or when rainwater supply is insufficient to meet the demand.

What Happened

  1. In the past two weeks, the Sidem desalination plant and the Saur water distribution company faced disruptions affecting the water supply network on the island.
  2. These disruptions were caused by swells, which led to sand and algae being projected onto the sensors of the Public desalination plant.
  3. The grounding of the Mimer cargo ship on February 3, 2023, contributed to the unusual sand movement at the plant’s sensors, making the ocean floor more sensitive to the effects of the swell.
  4. In response to the issue, the local government added concrete and rock around the sensors to protect them.
  5. During this time, the local government also set up a free water distribution point to assist residents without running water.
  6. Many residents utilized this service, hoping for a quick return to normal water supply in their homes.

What Should Be Done

To address the chronic water shortage and prevent future disruptions, the local government is considering the installation of water flow regulators similar to those used for electricity. This need for improved water management is especially crucial due to the island’s growing population, which is expected to exceed 12,000 residents soon. The current desalination plant’s capacity may become insufficient, particularly during peak tourist seasons.


As a US traveler visiting St. Barths, it’s essential to be aware of the island’s water supply challenges and the recent disruptions that have impacted its water network. The local government and community are working together to develop sustainable solutions for managing their precious water resources. As a visitor, you can also play your part by being mindful of your water consumption during your stay, ensuring that this beautiful island can continue to thrive and welcome tourists for years to come.



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