St Barts Beach :: Anse Marechal Beach Is a Hidden Gem

Close your eyes and envision any St Barts beach…..what do you see?  Fine sand? crystal blue water? Sea life swimming lazily along? I’m sure you can conjure up many images in your mind. But there’s one thing I bet you didn’t see: an almost deserted beach, peppered with palm trees, just waiting for someone to take advantage of.

Anse Marechal Beach

Anse Marechal Beach (photo: St Barths Online


If that’s the image that comes to mind when you think of a St Barts Beach, you’ve  probably already experienced Anse Marechal Beach. 

As somewhat of a quirk, this beach is located in the middle of the Guanahani hotel – literally, you must walk thru the hotel to get to the beach. Yet strangely, very few hotel guests visit it; they prefer lying on the beach by the lagoon.

To me, I find this to be such a shame.  This tiny beach happens to be one of the best places to snorkel!  You can watch schools of fish and beautiful sea turtles pass you by for hours if you take the time to appreciate them. So, the next time you’re in St Barts, check out Anse Marechal Beach; you won’t be disappointed!