St Barts Beach Helps Boost LaLangosta N.A. Image

A new swimwear line recently launched: LaLangosta N.A. – and where did it get tons of free publicity?  Right here on a St Barts beach when Catherine Zeta-Jones donned one in yellow.

LaLangosta creates high-end, one-of-a-kind swimwear that is intended for a discerning audience.  Each suit is hand-beaded, and

Catherine zeta jones

by FromFranceDavid

therefore, it can be said that “no two are alike.”

It was by chance that the CEO and founder ran in to Zeta-Jones’ publicist in 2006 and, much to her delight, found herself sending a few of the suits over for Zeta-Jones’ to try out.  Catherine loved them and soon she was walking around St Barts in them.  Next thing you know, she in every tabloid, and so are these beautiful suits; talk about a great way to increase your visibility!