St Barts Celebrity Sightings

One of the activities that tourists enjoy the most on the island is celebrity sightings. However, the secret rule is that you should absolutely pretend not to notice a celebrity, for several reasons:

  • If this celebrity is in St Barts, it’s probably because she / he wants to leave behind all the showbiz circus. Do not be part of that circus
  • If you are a tourist in St Barts, you are (almost) a celebrity yourself. You would not to be harassed by loud fans, would you?
  • Most islanders often have no idea who American or British celebrities / models / TV hosts / reality show heroes / desperate housewives of New York are. So, they behave normally around them. Do the same, in St Barts, do like the St Barths people do.

St Barts Celebrity Sightings are numerous.

Famous models in St Barts

The iconic island of Saint Barthélémy seem to attract world-class photographers, like Patrick Demarchelier who’s owned a villa on the island for decades.

U.S. sexy lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret often takes its models to shoot on St Barts beaches. For instance:


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