St Barts :: It’s Funny What Products Bear The Name

If you search for “St Barts,” lots of good stuff comes up.  I’ve compiled a list of some things that bear the islands name; I think some of them are really quite funny.

The St. Barts Swinger :: The name just sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Wait till you check out this “breezy” hat, just “perfect” for warm island weather.  It has since been discontinued…..

Keen St Barts :: Keen shoes company came up with this pseudo sandal that looks like a hybrid-cross between a sandal and a shoe.  According to customers on Zappos, these are quite comfortable and perfect for the beach.  It seems that lately, the stranger the shoe looks, the more comfortable it’s reported to be.



St Barts Lip Balm :: I’m not sure what this product even has to do with the island; really, I’m baffled.

I <3 St Bart’s Bib :: You gotta love Cafe Press; this place will put anything on any variety of products.  This one is really kind of cute – especially if you’ve got a little one running around.  You might as well raise them with the right vision dancing in their heads……

St Barth Raffia Bag :: JCrew has got it right; really, this purse just reminds me of the women strolling around.  It looks like it belongs on the island, doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s why they named it after such a fabulous one.

When you really take a look at the amount of products bearing the islands name, it’s kind of amazing. With some of the products, it’s easy to see the relation, but with others…….and this isn’t even a complete list!