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Are you looking for a long list of St Barts hotels? If so, you may be disappointed, as there only 22 hotels in St. Barths and most of them are very small. The biggest, the closet thing to a St Barts resort, is called Guanahani and offers only 75 bedrooms. Most first-timers to St Barts look for a hotel but actually end up renting a villa, like 80% of the people who vacation in St Barthélémy (this is an official figure from the Saint Barth Tourism Board).

But St Barts hotels are all about quality, not quantity. Although few and small, they tend to be luxury hotels. A good number of them belong to luxury hotel chains like Luxury Hotels of the World and Relais & Châteaux. Luxury giant LVMH even recently bought up the Hôtel Isle de France on the island.

There are of course a few cheap St Barths hotels. However, almost none of them offer an all-inclusive formula. Some hotels are on the beach, some are in the hills. A few of them are in the most inhabited places like Gustavia, St Jean and Lorient, but most are scattered all over the island to offer peaceful settings.

Here is my very personal, biased, view of hotels in St Barts:

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The best of tips on how to get to St Barths, where to dine, the beaches we prefer,  when to pick a luxury hotel or a private villa, and more tips to enjoy the island at its best.