St Barts Island :: Aéroport de St Jean

On of the smallest in the world, Aéroport de St Jean, the airport of St Barts Island, is extremely busy because it is the only airport to service this 8-acre island.  Recently getting a facelift, the landing strip is only operational during the daylight hours.  Some might wonder why such a popular destination would have such a small airport, and why it would only run during the day, but this is an effort for us locals to keep our island quaint.  To open the airport up to giant international flights would take away from the peaceful luxury that St Barts currently offers.

St Barts Island :: Airport  

St. Barths airport

photo by: Eva Wilander


However, if you want to travel into St Barts and you’re flying on an international flight, you will likely head into St Martin first, and then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump over to our island.  Although the landing can be a little harrowing due to the flight path, the views are incredible.  As you cruise in  just 20 feet above the road, take a moment and wave to all the tourists who have stopped to watch your flight land.