St Barts Island :: The Best Coffee Table Book

“St Barth: French West Indies (A Concept Book)” by Charles and Christine Didcott has been around for 8 years and it is still the best coffee table book about St Barts Island that I know of.

St Barts Island :: “St Barth: French West Indies” :: Photo Credit ~

St_Barths_French West Indies_Book

St_Barths_French West Indies_Book

Filled with pictures that depict the beauty and warmth of the island, it is a wonderful reminder of where you’ve been, or where you’d like to go.  Consistently earning 5-star reviews on Amazon by readers who have enjoyed it, it is cited as “capturing the charm and beauty of the island,” and additionally, the text throughout it gives bits of little known facts about the island to anyone who picks it up; even those who have visited more than once often find something new about the island when reading this book.

A great gift for yourself or someone you know that loves the island, or just appreciates beautiful photography.