St Barts Island: Colombier Beach

Colombier Beach

Colombier Beach (photo by Deezigner Bliss)

St Barts Island News: Colombier Beach is a truly unique place to visit while you’re in St. Barts.  A secluded beach, it is an entire bay area that is only accessible by boat or foot.  Without access roads, it makes it a little more challenging to reach, but it is well worth it; the calm and transparent waters of this beach will take your breath away.

Purchased by the Rockefellar’s in the 1960’s, they built an awe-inspiring villa; since then, they have sold the entire thing, but the villa remains standing, preventing any new building from being erected.  This adds to the charm of the island and makes it an excellent place to spend the day.  The beach is sandy and there are large rocks that the kids will have fun climbing on.  Although the beach itself is scattered with palm trees, they provide little solace from the mid-day sun; you would be well advised to pack lots of drinks and snacks as there is no where to purchase such provisions due to the seclusion of this beautiful area.

If you decide to take the walking path over to Colombier Beach, plan on about a 20 minute hike from the port of Gustavia.  The trail is rough, and is not a path that will be easily negotiated by small children or those that are older.  A quicker route is to take the boat ride, which gets you there in about 10 minutes.

Once you arrive on the beach, set up camp and just relax.  Let the slight breeze off the water tickle your face and take some time to soak in the scenery.  The water is crystal clear and provides a wonderful opportunity to snorkel; in fact, this beach happens to be the best place to do so.  You will get an unmatched look at the fish, starfish, and sea turtles if you leave the beach and head for the right side of the bay.  Do be cautious though as there are many boats that come in and out of the bay.

As a frequent visitor of Colombier Beach, I would highly recommend grabbing your sweetie, renting a boat just before sunset and heading over to the bay to enjoy a bottle of champagne and some fresh fruit.  It happens to be one of the most romantic settings….in fact, likely more romantic than anything you could ever imagine.  And, you don’t have to tell her you got the tip from me; my lips are sealed.