St Barts Island :: David Letterman’s New Villa

Here on St Barts Island, we’ve been playing host to TV late-night great David Letterman for years.

As with any celebrity vacation sighting, there has been no shortage of press coverage about Mr. Letterman’s vacation to the island.  In fact, this article, which is actually about Usher enjoying Saline Beach with a female companion, mentions him.  David’s name, along with Harrison Ford’s, is dropped to drive home the point that this is a hot spot for the rich-and-famous.

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St Barts Island :: David Letterman and son Harry

David Letterman1

David Letterman1 photo by Alan Light

Both locals and tourists enjoy David Letterman while he is on the island – he is very well liked. Because he does not make a fuss about his social status, he seem approachable, just like any other guy on vacation.  It may also help that in terms of French culture, his name is not  famous. This means that salespeople in shops do not gawk at him when he is on the island, as they do not know him as anyone other than a regular guest to the island. I’m sure this makes a very relaxing vacation for him as well. This picture of he and his son is pretty indicative of his typical days on the island.

Lucky for him, he has recently acquired a highly demanded land property in St Barts on which he is planning on building a villa. The original plan was to build a house for him and a few villas for guests, but the municiplty wants to protect this piece of land, so they only gave a permit to erect one villa.

This particular piece of land is on a hill that seperates two bays: St Jean Bay and Lorient Bay. With high cliffs above the sea, it is famous among the St Barts crowd because once upon a time, the most famous St Barts club was located here.

Called “Autour du Rocher” (Around the Rock), it was so special that Jimmy Buffet actually wrote a song about it, aptly called Autour du Rocher.

This a a little tale about a hotel in the Caribbean.
Well it wasn’t really a hotel, it was a patio
bar with funky rooms and an outdoor disco
with bad wiring. Some people said if you looked                        Future Building Site

between the cracks of the floorboards of our dance floor you would see Hell. If you ever went there, you would know what I’m

David Letterman2

David Letterman2 photo by Jeff Houck

talking about. If you never had, then we thought we’d send you a little musical souvenir.

Some say it was a planet
Some say it was a rock
For five wild years in L”Orient.
The party never stopped

There were pirates from the Indies
There were models from Paris
There were locals and New Yorkers
And the Brazilian Navy

By mini-moke and scooters
In cabs and stolen cars

Came the creatures of the evening
From St. Martin and from Mars

The place closed down in the late 80’s and no one really seems to know why. Rumors abound. Was it arson? Murder? There is a lot of mystery, which makes it that much more interesting. And because of it (maybe) it has stayed untouched for the last 15 years. Personally, I heard there were legal fights over the land.  There’s even been a spook story of a curse on the place.  Either way, Letterman didn’t buy in to any of the hype as he has bought it, and plans to build on it.

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