St Barts Island :: Flight to St Barts


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St Barts Island :: Airport Landing

st barths landing strip
st barths landing strip by !! TLipscomb !!

There’s no doubt, when you’re flying in to St Barts island, the landing is a tricky one.  The landing strip is short, and ends in the water, and on the approach, you hover precariously close to a hillside area; in fact, many people stand there and take pictures of the planes as they come in.

This YouTube user has posted a video of a flight simulator, landing in St Barts.  It is incredibly accurate; the plane is identical to the small planes that are used on the flight.




The software he’s using is called Flight Simulator 2004 with FlyTampa Scenery and can be found here.  Modern technology never ceases to amaze me.