St Barts Island Gets a “Golfotron”

St Barts island is not conducive to playing golf because of the lay of our land, literally.  However, over at the Golf Center in Grand Cul de Sac, a new golf simulator has been installed.  The hope is that, those who love golf, will have the opportunity to play while they’re here.  There is also the hope that this will give visitors something else to do while they’re here.

St Barts Island :: Golfotron :: Photo Credit ~ St Barth Weekly

Golf simulator

by The View at Vinings Mountain

It’s called the “Golfotron,” and it really is quite an interesting contraption.  I know for a fact that they have these in the states, especially the northern ones, and the folks there really seem to like them.  You get to use real clubs, and a real ball, and you essentially hit the ball into a large screen that reminds me of the movies.  The ball is virtually displayed on the screen and lands on the green.  You then finish out your play.

In my opinion, the idea sounds a little quirky.  But I do understand the point.  Really, there’s not a whole lot to do here on the island.  I mean, the women love the great choice of luxury shops, but men aren’t always in the mood to be out shopping for handbags!  A golf simulator might give them something to do while their wives shop – after all, a happy husband and a happy wife make for a very pleasant vacation!