St Barts Island: St Barts gets its own domain extension, .bf

St Barts Island News: As a consequence of the new legal status of the island, which is no longer 100% part of France, St Barts has been provided with its internet domain extension, .bl.


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The regular internet domain extension for French websites is .fr. But as St Barts is now a bit more independent from France, the ICANN has given the island its own extension:  .bl.

For the moment, the .bl is techically open but noone has officially been named to handle the extension. As a result, you will have to wait a a few months before being able to buy your st barts domain name.

Now, I think that .bl sucks as an extension. What does BL stand for? Obviously, .sb would have a better choice, but I have it checked out and it already belongs to the Solomon Islands.

The French side of Saint Martin, which has now that same legal status as St Barts, has also received its own extension: .mf.