St Barts Island and St Martin Officially Independent

Map St. Barths St. Martin

Map St. Barths St. Martin (photo by: by jeff fitting)

As you may or may not know, both St Barts Island and St Martin became officially independent in July.  This is every exciting news and I’m sure it will bring many changes to the way things are around here.

From two sources, Le Figaro and Guadeloupe public holidays, we get this news:

A ceremony was held…… officialize the new status the islands of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin, previously communes of Guadeloupe. Following a 2003 referendum, and its implementation in February 2007 by France’s parliament, the 2 islands have now been granted the TOM (Territoire d’Outre-Mer) status meaning that they can pass territorial laws, control their fiscal policy, choose to stay in, or leave the EU (the European Union), and declare their own public holidays.

Some speculate that St Barts may choose to leave the EU, but that has not yet been confirmed.  It looks like our celebrated holidays will remain the same as Guadeloupe for now.