St Barts Photo Shoot: Rekindle the Passion at Villa BelAmour
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[x_text]Discover here our wonderful new St Barts photo shoot. The island of St. Barths is a renowned spot among fashion photographers: From Victoria’s Secret to Vogue, a staggering number of publications come to our tiny island to make the best of its fabulous beaches, wonderful villas, stunning pools and relaxed ambiance.

Rekindle the passion, our new St Barths photo shoot

French photographer Laurent Benoît has recently shot a wonderful series of photos at our beloved villa BelAmour. As the motto for our villa is “Rekindle the Passion“, Laurent asked an attractive young local French woman to take the pose inside and around the villa.

As you can see in the individual photos, in the slider and in the video, it was a very playful photo session, full of joie de vivre, très St Barts![/x_text]Rekindle at St Barths[x_text]The photo shoot represents what we tried to create when building BelAmour: A special place for 2 lovers, where they can live their passion freely.

The mural, hand painted in the patio by French artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, was also created to celebrate love, St Barts style.

This is why we love the photo below: Imagine taking time for yourself at villa BelAmour, finally reading the book you had been meaning to open for months, relaxing in the patio by this wonderful and colorful painting.[/x_text]villa belamour castelbajac

Our romantic St Barths photo shoot in one great slider

[rev_slider BelAmourPassion ]

Rekindle the passion, a playful video based on our BelAmour photo shoot

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