St Barts Restaurant :: La Crêperie

To this special St Barts Restaurant, La Crêperie, let me say this: “Oh, I love my crêpes!” And more specifically I say to you, dear readers, “Oh, how I love these crêpes!”

La Creperie

La Creperie photo by gseven

Let’s say you are in Gustavia during the noon time hour and you’re hungry.  Much to your chargrin, you find that the shops are closed. Where can you fill you belly without emptying your wallet? La Crêperie.

With its French-style pancakes, it makes a great mid-day snack which often ends up being almost a meal on its own.  Try a salted crêpe with salmon, ham, egg, or vegetables; your tastebuds will be pleasantly satisfied.  To finish your meal on a sweet note, have a sugar crêpe, with ice cream and fresh fruit……delicious!

The place does not look like much from the outside; it will definitely be a change from the other restaurants on St Barts.  And granted, the only view you’ll have is the street. But it is very French, with a great mix of tourists and locals to give you a wonderful experience. It is great quality food for the money, and a nice change from posh restaurants.

As one final note from this adoring fan: they have extended their choice beyond crêpes to offer plats du jour at a good price.