St Barts restaurants 2021: Our community’s favorites


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What are the best St Barts restaurants? Where to dine out in St Barts? These are classic questions that we are getting. The answers are obviously highly subjective. So, we used the wisdom of our favorite crowd, our own community, to create our Spring 2021 list.

How you helped build this list of the best restaurants in Saint Barthélemy

Our community meets online via our Instagram account @SaintBarthcom and our Facebook group “I love St Barts – Ask Questions, Share Your Travel Tips“.

If you are not yet following us on Instagram, you are missing out: We are exchanging tips daily with St Barths lovers like you. If you are not a follower, you cannot see the weekly Instagram Stories where we talk about what’s new on the island, from travel restrictions to restaurants openings.

The value of the content comes not only from what our team posts but also from the comments, tips, and opposing views that St Barths lovers and travelers like you leave daily.

So, we created an Instagram Story to ask our followers what their favorite restaurant in St Barths was. We also asked our Facebook group members the same question. We got 118 responses in less than 48 hours! Where to dine out on the island is a serious matter, and people are keen on sharing their recommendation 😉

Your favorite St Barths restaurants: What we learned

  • Tamarin and Bonito dominated the votes by far. These two perennial favorites have managed to uphold great quality food and a great setting (Tamarin’s garden, Bonito’s port view) over the years.
  • Our community is made of St Barths habitués, a lot of them from the US, who like reconvening in low-key but reliable places such as Santa Fé, Jojo Burger, and Eddy’s Ghetto.
  • Independent restaurants manage to elbow out restaurants that belong to luxury hotels. Yet, Eden Rock (Sand Bar), Le Toiny, and Cheval Blanc make it to the list.

Top St Barths restaurants, according to the community

Here are the island’s restaurants that got the most mentions:

#1: Tamarin

#2: Bonito

#3 (tied): Maya’s

#3 (tied): Santa Fé

#5 (tied): L’Esprit

best st barts restaurants 2021

#5 (tied) L’Isola

#7: Black Ginger

#8: Jojo Burger

#9 (tied): Eden Rock’s Sand Bar

#9 (tied): Eddy’s Ghetto

#11 (tied): Le Toiny

#11 (tied): La Case (Hôtel Cheval Blanc)

#11 (tied): Orega

#14 (tied): Grain de Sel

#14 (tied): Zion

#14 (tied) Bagatelle St Barth

St Barths restaurants: Honorable mentions

  • La Langouste
  • Kinugawa
  • Le Ti St Barth
  • Shellona
  • Le Piment
  • Francois Plantation (Hôtel Villa Marie)
  • “That place next to la marche at the airport has the best chicken sandwich”
  • Le Select
  • La Cantina
  • La Petite Plage
  • Les Bananiers
  • Aux Amis Plage (Hôtel Le Barthélemy)
  • La Case de L’Isle
  • Villa Chef St Barth



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