Local experts share their favorite St Barts restaurants for lunch
12 Local Experts Share Their Favorite St Barts Restaurants For Lunch


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Where do trendy St Barths locals go for a nice lunch? This is the question I asked some of my St Barts friends, as well as to some of the island’s famous faces.

The answers are so St Barths: From the casual, feet in the sand experience, at La Gloriette, to the très chic Sand Bar restaurant at the Eden Rock St Barth.

A few new or renovated places made the list: The healthy food place 25 Quarter, the new version of Le Tamarin, as well as the updated restaurant at Le Toiny.

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“sexy superfood salad at 25 Quarter”

Kristine Kelly – plantbaseddaily.com

sibarth stbarts villa rentals

Favorite Spots for Lunch in St Barth:

  • My favorite salad is the “sexy superfood salad” at 25 Quarter (to avoid conflict of interest, I did design half of their plant based menu for lunch), it’s colorful, delicious and the first filling salad I’ve had in St. Barth. when craving something sweet yet healthy, I go for St Barth’s only dairy free ice cream at 25 Quarter! The ice cream is made from coconut meat and cashews as the base! They have a pacojet so it’s nice and creamy! My favorite flavors are: chocolate espresso, raspberry lavender and the raw blueberry ginger ice cream cake!
  • So Cuisine is a great chill spot with good vibes and it’s heartwarming to see the owners in the kitchen with their baby cooking. I like their raw salad box, the food is super clean with a nice variety of superfoods available.
  • For ambiance and one of my favorite beach views, I love doing brunch or lunch at Eden Rock’s Sand Bar. One of my favorite dishes to enjoy is the Burratina, Tomato, Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar. Nothing like beachy breezes while soaking in the beauty of St. Jean.
  • When I’m craving Italian, I’m heading over to L’Isoletta, where they use quality ingredients from Italy in their pizzas. I love their vegetarian options, one of the pizzas is even topped with arugula! Great casual atmosphere with communal tables to share the experience with others.
  • Do Brazil in Shell Beach is perfect when it’s a hot day out and you want a quick dip in the ocean, followed by a refreshing box of fresh raw vegetables assortment. Nothing like feet in the sand while enjoying lunch and people watching.
  • La Gloriette is a nice local spot for a feet in the sand experience. it’s even dog friendly, I brought my golden retriever there after a long hike and the staff offered a bowl of water for my dog. So sweet. I usually order the Salade de Chèvre here. They also have excellent locally grilled fish options.

“Best restaurant for lunch is la gloriette!”

Loic Lapeze – loiclapeze.com

Loic lapeze stbarths

  • Best restaurant for lunch is “La Gloriette” for the location. It’ sa lovely place to share a relaxing moment easy and beautiful. In the heart of St Barth, in front of an amazing lagon.
  • Le 25 Quarter have the best food fresh and healthy and the nicest personnel. Everybody smiles and works with happiness.
  • Hotel Le Sereno. Quality and service, just amazing.

Frankie stbarths

“Do Brazil on Shell Beach”

Frankie – conciergestbarts.com

  • Do Brazil on Shell Beach
    Really feel being in the Caribbean, location, style, food, service, beach are great, even enjoying Sunset with excellent cocktails !

“Mango is one of the best on the island”

Daniel Correia – luxe-vipservices.com

Daniel Correia stbarths

  • Mango at Christopher Hotel is one of my favorite places for lunch in St Barth. Besides the perfect feet on the sand concept, the food is really great and the service is one of the best on the island. Plus, if you’re in for a long lunch, you can enjoy the sunset, which by the way, Christopher is the most amazing place to see it.

nanda mortier st barths

“Le Toiny restaurant is special”

Nanda Mortier – yogawithnanda.com

St Barth has many great places for lunch.

  • One of my favorite is La Langouste, not really for the place (kind of old fashion) but for the friendly staff and great food.
  • Le Toiny restaurant by the sea is special, the spot is wild and they have done something really beautiful with it.
  • A great place for locals and tourists : Grain de Sel, authentic creole food, and affordable price.

“La Plage at Tom Beach”

Francois – francoisvochelle.com

francois vochelle stbarths

  • La Plage at Tom Beach, closed the runaway where you can see take off and landing planes. The table are just closed to the white sand beach of St Jean, you can to swim in turquoise sea waiting for food is coming, or stay on bed beach and take a drink of Rosé and Champagne

bruno stbarths

“Sand Bar at Eden Rock”

Bruno – Villa Domingue

  • Sand Bar at EdenRock. Delicious food. A glamorous place to see and to be seen. Just on the beach. Fantastic view over the Old Eden Rock and the islands closing St Jean bay. Nice light music, not too loud. Cool water cloud diffusers to cool up the atmosphere. Great experience!

“Tamarin reflecting natural wild atmosphere that I love”

Harold MACKEENE – mackeene.com

Harold mackeene

  • Tamarin. The Tamarin has been founded by our family (Cat).
    It is still today reflecting this natural wild atmosphere that I have in memories and that I love.
    Also, our parrots are parts of the restaurant so I feel home when I listen Cyrano whistling while I delight myself of that Fresh Lobster Salad.


“Le Grain de Sel!”

Solène – vipkidsconcierge.com

I would say Le Grain de Sel in Saline, their “Poulet Coco” is the best I ever tasted…

“My favorite would be Le Tamarin”

Jean-Philippe Piter – Pure St.Barth Magazine

Jean Philippe sbh

Not easy to pick up one restaurant as there are many great options.
My favorite would be Le Tamarin. Good food, great service and nice setting.

Felipe sandoval stbarths

“Taiwana hotel restaurant offers great bbq”

Felipe Sandoval – Hotel Taiwana

Saint Barts is all about great food. For lunch two great places stand out, both start with capital T letters!

  • As a second choice the recently opened Tamarin restaurant in saline is a great choice for relaxing in a unique tropical garden and enjoy fresh cuisine

“My favorite lunch Restaurant is the O’Corail”

Rodolphe MacKeene – rod’stuffs

Rodolphe Mackeene stbarths

My favorite lunch Restaurant is the O’Corail, as it is literally the only restaurant that you can have your feet in the water sitting on a wooden bench while looking at the Grand Cul de Sac Lagoon, which is the main kitesurfing spot of St Barth.

As a pro athlete kitesurfer i spend a lot of time at the lagoon training for the next competition, so having one the freshest and tasty sea food right in front of our riding spot is for me A FAVORITE.

So, where will you be taking me for lunch next time we meet on the island? 😉

After a great lunch, it is also fun to party hard at night around a dinner table. If you like this idea, check out these great photos of St Barts parties at Le Ti Saint Barth.



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