St Barts Vacations: About coming to the island in August

St Barts Celebrities: Seen in the New York Post’s Page Six, a quick mention of St Barts

WHERE do the party professionals, the nightclub owners, spend their summer vacations? It was Europe this year. Gramercy Park Hotel’s Nur Khan and Pink Elephant’s Rocco Ancarolla kicked it up in Croatia. Mark Baker of Lotus and Noah Tepperberg of Marquee were spotted in St. Tropez. Jason Strauss of Tao Las Vegas partied in Sardinia. And Goldbar’s Jayma Cardoso sailed along the coasts of Italy and Greece. Staying closer to home, Mike Satsky of Stereo chose St. Barts, and Richie Akiva of Butter went to Brazil.

Now, what is really interesting is choosing St Barts as a summer destination. A few years ago, some people would have never thought of St Barts beyond the crazy December-January months.

As a regular to the island in August, I can see the trend changing: more and more Americans are coming in July and August. First, you get to enjoy St Barts without the December 31 crazyness (but hey, it is all right by me if you go to St Barts just for me, believe me). Anyway, some people want to enjoy the island, its beaches, and its restaurants without having to endure traffic jam in overpacked Gustavia.

Another reason to come in August is that the water is warmer. Not that it is cold on the winter, mind you, this is the Caribbean after all. But it is slightly warmer. And the nights are definitiveluy warmer. In December, you way want to wear in the evening a little cashmere thing aroung your shoulders, while drinving back to your villa from the night club. Not so in the summer.

Finally, hotel and villa rental prices are lower in August. If you have a familly, it is a great way to spend time in a big St Barts villa, without having to pay the extreme December prices. And most fashion stores offer deep discounts and sales. Yes, it is ok to go on vacation to St Barts and buy stuff on sale ;-).

St. Barths airport

photo by: Eva Wilander