St Barts Villa Rentals: Kristina and Ashley Lacour on crafting Sibarth’s new image
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In a recent post, I wrote about a wonderful videos showcasing beloved St. Barths islanders. This series has been created by Kristina and Ashley Lacour, the young, energetic and friendly owners of Sibarth Bespoke Villa Rentals, the doyenne of all vacation rental management companies in Saint Barthélemy.

I wanted to understand better the new tag line for Sibarth: “Our Island, Your Way”. So, I asked Kristina and Ashley a few questions about how they build this new image that merges the company’s roots with the aspirations of today’s visitors to St. Barths.

Disclaimer: As you known, the island is small. So, yes, I do know Kristina and Ashley on a personal level. And both of my villas, Domingue and BelAmour, are listed with Sibarth 😉

The new tag line for Sibarth Bespoke Villa Rentals is “Our island, Your way”. What does it stand for?

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We chose the new tag line to emphasize just how customizable a vacation with Sibarth can be.

Because we’re the pioneers of the St. Barth villa business, we have all the island contacts and connections needed in order to make all our guests’ vacation wishes come true.

As you’ll see from the videos at the top of our revamped website – – there really is no demand too big or a request too small. We want our guests to experience the unique magic of St. Barth in their own personal way. More than a villa, we provide peace of mind, a safe haven and the chance to make the most of your time with us in paradise. This is our island, your way.

Sibarth is the original villa rental agency in St. Barths, so you have great insights on how St. Barths’ visitors have been changing over the years. What are the differences between a 2016 visitor to the island and a visitor from 10 years ago?

The changes in our world in general have affected the way people travel. Many St. Barth visitors are travelers with schedules packed full of work and pleasure, so often a St. Barth vacation is booked at the last minute. Luckily, these days it is much easier and faster to communicate and the booking process is more dynamic.

We’ve also found that people are far more health conscious nowadays. Exercise and nutrition are an integral part of most of our clients’ stay, so we’ve increased our health and wellness services to make sure every diet and regimen can be catered for. There are also a lot of younger people who visit the island – young professionals and entrepreneurs who are very savvy and who recognize true luxury, so of course we have made sure we are completely equipped to cater to these most discerning of guests.

What makes Sibarth unique among its peers?

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The guiding principle of Sibarth since its very beginning in 1975 has been love – the love of its founders Brooke and Roger Lacour and now, between the second generation of leaders – Ashley and Krisitna Lacour. We have a deep held love for the island, for the people who work in the agency, for what we do and a love for our guests.

Sibarth is not simply a business offering a service, but an island institution. Innovation and creativity are also fundamental to our company. Every day, our whole team goes to work excited and inspired, always thinking of how to improve and innovate our company. We are very much a part of the island and function as a fraction of the whole – the environment, the people, the culture, the intangible charm that makes St. Barth a piece of heaven on Earth.

Can you name 3 St Barts villas that you think are undervalued gems?

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All of our villas are gems but if I need to name 3 which we find very charming, those will be:

Thibault’s personal note: I believe that the Lacours have done an amazing job at re-branding Sibarth. We had talked from time to time about what they were doing and I knew that something good was on its way.

But the new website and the videos series resonate really well with both the habitués and the nouveaux visitors to St. Barths. The style of it all is definitely 2016, but the spirit remains très Saint Barth.



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