St Barts villas: the best option for most of you

st barts villa rental

st barts villa rental

St Barts villas news: When it comes to choosing a place where to stay in St Barts, renting a villa is quite often the best option. Obviously, as the co-owner of a villa, I am totally biased  ;-).

Seriously speaking, here are a few reasons why you may opt to stay in a villa and not a hotel:

– A wide choice: 75% of the guests staying in Saint Barthélémy do so in a villa, because the choice ranges from cutsey tiny creole houses (“une case”) to 6-bedroom villas up in the hills.

– Hotels are top notch, but are not big: many hotels are among the best in the Caribbeans. They value privacy and are kept small by drastic municipal laws, in order to protect the island’s charm. Budget hotels are few and are actually fewer and fewer as some have recently closed down. So, there are not that many hotel rooms to fight around.

– Villas can be a great way to save money: if you are coming with 2 other couples, renting a villa is a fun and cheaper option. For much less money than a hotel, you enjoy a private house with bigger rooms and most often your own pool.

– Renting a villa is easy. I’ll come back to this later, but just know that villa rentals has been an industry in St Barts for 20 years now, so everything has been streamlined to help guests book a house quick and easy.

– Service: most villas have maids who will make your beds and clean the house. Yet, I agree that service is not the same in a rented villa as it can be at Le Toiny, Le Guanahani or at L’Eden Rock. You will have to make your martinis on your own.