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St Barts Villas :: Domingue Villa

St. Barths Villa Domingue
St. Barths Villa Domingue

As you all know, I own a villa on St Barts; and I have to be honest, I love it when Americans rent it.  In fact, 90% of our visitors are Americans, while 5% are from Canada, and the rest are French.  Overall, Americans just show so much more respect for our house, much more than our French guests.  They’re also really good about leaving us very detailed feedback about what they would like to see different in our house. All this feedback has led to some changes around here.

Because of the large number of American guests that we host, we have given a lot of thought as to what we can do to make the house more comfortable for our guests.  We decided, first and foremost, that we’d need to put a Starbucks in every room…….no, I’m just kidding.  But we know how you Americans love your Starbucks, so we did put  a Nespresso machine in the kitchen, so you may enjoy espresso, à la European.

St Barts Villas :: Villa Domingue ~ Fitness Room  

Villa Domingue Gym
Villa Domingue Gym


We’ve also installed air conditioning in every single room, heat in the pool and wi-fi on the top floor for those of you who can’t

vacation without your computer…..we’ll be putting in a seperate wireless connection in the Summer of ’08.  A gym with a television and DirecTV, straight from the East Coast.

But with all the renovations, we also removed the jacuzzi, for aesthetic reasons.  Although, according to the guest book, no one really seems to be missing it.



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