St Barts Villas: Real Estate Still Booming

It seems that as of late, St Barts villas are popping up all over our beautiful island.  A small island of only eight square miles, our beaches are beautiful and their serene and tranquil waters have enticed many people to build second homes here. And now it seems, everyone wants to have a villa on St Barts!

But not everyone can afford to build on St. Barts. For those people, Eden Rock, one of the island’s first luxury hotels, is marketing five new villas as the Eden Rock Owners Society.  Members get to purchase a 75-year leasehold interest in a U.S. based trust – that interest allows them to spend between four and five weeks a year in a specific home.  Although the price tag isn’t cheap, these are selling like crazy! Already, 18 shares have already sold that range in price from roughly a half-million to one million dollars!

The Waterlily House

The Waterlily House (photo by jack metthey)

The Waterlily House, one of the villas being marketed for members only at Eden Rock.

And really, it’s no wonder.  The island of St. Barts is stunning and sophisticated.  When you come to St. Barts, you come to enjoy a lifestyle that you can’t experience anywhere else.  When I’m here, I literally have not a care in the world! The food and drink are truly fantastic and plentiful, the people are wonderful, and the boutique shopping is exquisite.  Even with all the new people coming and going, the island has maintained its low-key way of life, which is really nice for those of us that just want to escape for a while.

But, for everything good, there is always a price.  With all the contruction, we risklosing some of the most gorgeous vegetation the island has to offer, along with the peace and serenity that has made this island such a heavenly retreat.  As time goes on, and villas continue to pop up, those of us that enjoy St. Barts need to keep sacred the island we’ve come to love.