The 2024 St Barths Bucket Regatta: A Symphony of Sails
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As the Caribbean sun casts its golden hues over the azure waters of St. Barths, the sailing world turns its attention to one of the most anticipated events on the yachting calendar: the 2024 St Barths Bucket Regatta. This event, renowned for its competitive spirit and convivial atmosphere, promises to be a highlight of the year for sailors and spectators alike.

A Rich History

The inception of the Bucket Regatta in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in August of 1986, was as serendipitous as it was spirited. Born from a lively debate among yacht owners about sailing prowess and yacht design, the first impromptu race featured seven sailing superyachts on a 15-mile course. What began as a quest for “undisputed superyacht sailing bragging rights” evolved into a cherished tradition celebrating camaraderie at sea. Over the years, the event transitioned from Nantucket to Newport, Rhode Island, before finding its permanent home in St. Barths, growing in both size and prestige while maintaining its core spirit of fellowship.

The 2024 Edition: What’s New and Exciting

The 2024 edition of the St Barths Bucket Regatta introduces exciting developments, including the return of the 90-foot class and the debut of a 100-foot Racing Class, catering to performance-oriented sloops. These additions, alongside the traditional ORCsy class racing, ensure thrilling competition among yachts with similar sailing characteristics. In a shift from previous years, the 2024 regatta will enhance its dockside festivities, opting for a fun-themed party at the Capitainerie, enriching the social experience for participants and guests.

The Spirit of Competition

At the heart of the Bucket Regatta lies the Corinthian Spirit Class, a testament to the event’s emphasis on amateur sailing and the pure joy of competition. This class encourages teams to engage in racing without the complexity of spinnakers, focusing on skill, teamwork, and the essence of sailing. The spirit of competition is further enriched by the camaraderie that defines the event, fostering a unique environment where sportsmanship and friendship prevail.

The Social Scene

Beyond the races, the Bucket Regatta is a social affair, with a 2024 schedule brimming with opportunities for engagement and celebration. From the welcoming party to the final awards ceremony, the event offers myriad moments for connection and enjoyment. The inclusion of social and non-racing entries underscores the regatta’s commitment to inclusivity, inviting all who share a passion for sailing to partake in the festivities.

Safety and Participation

The invitational nature of the Bucket Regatta underscores a commitment to safety and enjoyment. Participation is extended to yachts and crews that exemplify the highest standards of seamanship, ensuring that the event remains a safe and pleasurable experience for all involved. This focus on safety, combined with the rigorous criteria for entry, ensures that the Bucket Regatta remains a pinnacle of superyacht racing.

The Spectacle and the Spectators

For those watching from the shores of St. Barths or aboard spectator vessels, the Bucket Regatta offers an unparalleled visual feast. The sight of majestic superyachts racing against the backdrop of the Caribbean is unforgettable, providing both thrilling competition and breathtaking beauty. Spectators are afforded various vantage points to witness the spectacle, with opportunities to engage with participants and immerse themselves in the regatta’s vibrant atmosphere.

Looking Ahead

With future editions already scheduled for March 2025 and 2026, the St Barths Bucket Regatta looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence in superyacht racing. As it evolves, the event remains anchored in the principles of camaraderie, competition, and celebration that have defined it from the beginning.


The St Barths Bucket Regatta stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of sailing, the bonds formed at sea, and the spirit of adventure that unites the yachting community. As the 2024 edition approaches, participants and spectators alike anticipate an event that promises not only competitive sailing at its finest but a celebration of the shared passion that makes the Bucket Regatta a cornerstone of the sailing calendar.



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