Top 10 Instagram Accounts in St Barth
Top 10 St Barth Instagram Accounts


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Since Instagram is such a visual platform, it makes sense that visitors to the island and residents alike would flock to it to share updates about their lives in St Barth or to get a view into the life of others who do the same. We also have a thriving community on Instagram of 16.9k followers who routinely engage with our posts, our Instagram Stories, and tag us in their memories of St Barth.

To connect with those who have interests similar to us, that interest being everything St Barths, we went looking for popular accounts from St Barth. We drew up a list of the Top 10 accounts in St Barths with the largest following to share with you, so you too can have more ways to receive updates from your favorite island.

Montaigne Market – 116k followers

Montaigne Market is a luxury multi-brand store on the chic Rue du général de Gaulle in St Barth. Founded by Liliane Jossua, Montaigne Market curates bohemian feminine silhouettes with jet-set glamour. From Isabel Marant, Nick Fouquet to Marie Lichtenberg, the store stocks high-end fashion keeping true to its aesthetic that fits effortlessly with St Barth.

On the Montaigne Market Instagram, you can find the newest additions to their collection, juxtaposed against the St Barth scenery, making it easy to see why the store enjoys such popularity among first-time and seasoned travelers alike.

Eden Rock – St Barths – 57.8k followers

This iconic boutique hotel needs no introduction for anyone even vaguely familiar with St Barth. In the 50s and 60s, Eden Rock played host to the likes of Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Robert Mitchum, Gore Vidal, etc., and it continues to be a draw for the who’s who of St Barts travelers even today.

Also home to Sand Bar, Eden Rock thrives because of its phenomenal location in St Jean Bay, excellent service, and hospitality. On their Instagram, you will find whimsical snippets of life in and around Eden Rock, a glimpse at Eden Rock Villa Rental properties (of which Villa Domingue is one), and access to offers and services.

Camellia Menard – 52.6k Followers

A prolific fashion photographer, France-born Camellia Menard has long since adopted St Bart as one of her homes. Traveling the world for photography assignments, Camellia spends a considerable amount of time in the Caribbean. Her photography style is very desirable among fashion brands because of her unerring eye for capturing the feminine form.

On Camellia’s Instagram you will find a steady showcase of her work, with frequent glimpses of St Barth forming the backdrop for these images.

Jean-Philippe Piter – 44.2k Followers

A photographer based in St Barth and the Bahamas, Jean-Philippe Piter plays with lights, shadows, and nudity in his work to arresting results. As St Barth sets the stage, Jean-Philippe captures women unfettered and free, looking happy, glorious, and completely at ease.

On his Instagram, you will find a steady stream of his recent work. You can also purchase select prints at Space Gallery St Barth.

St Barths Life – 39.5k Followers

An Instagram account dedicated to curating moments from travelers’ lives on the island, St Barths Life routinely reposted memories and experiences shared by the St Barts community until it went defunct in June 2020. Since then, there hasn’t been a peep from the account, unfortunately, but if you are looking for a community of St Barth insiders on Instagram, I can think of at least one account where you might find it (hint hint).

Eva Grave – 32.2k Followers

Eva Grave is a French swim model living in St Barth, and her chronicling of the St Barth life is sure to awaken wanderlust in pretty much anybody. Eva also recently launched her own swim collection in collaboration with swimwear brand Belles des Pins.

On Eva’s Instagram, you will find a view of fun and frolic in St Barth’s immeasurable natural beauty.

Cheval Blanc St Barth – 29.6k Followers

An intimate luxury resort ensconced in tropical greens, Cheval Blanc places a special emphasis on wellness and health. Also home to the phenomenal La Case restaurant, Cheval Blanc is upscale, exclusive, and utterly stunning.

On the Cheval Blanc Instagram, you will find dispatches from the resort, an insight into their services, and exclusive offers.

Qui sonne à ma porte – 28.5k Followers

Run by interior decorator Coco, Qui sonne à ma porte is a wonderful source of home design inspiration. With eclectic elements from all around the world, underpinned by quintessential French chic, Coco has cultivated a wholly unique aesthetic that complements warm, sunny days and sea views.

On Coco’s Instagram, you will find examples of her exquisite taste in home decor, to help give you ideas for your dream island home.

Christopher St Barth – 26.4k Followers

A gorgeous lifestyle hotel in Pointe Milou, St Barth, Christopher stays true to the 5-star experience through and through. Home of an exclusive Sisley spa, hotel Christopher offers designer decor, impeccable service, and views to write home about.

On their Instagram, you will find a peek into what life is like inside hotel Christopher, and how they elevate ever experience to luxury.

Le Barthelemy – 25.5k Followers

Embedded in the Grand Cul-de-Sac, Le Barthelemy is recognized as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. A hotel & spa of staggering beauty and outstanding location, Le Barthelemy is synonymous with St Barth itself, pun wholly intended.

On the Le Barthelemy Instagram, aside from an insiders’ view of the hotel, you will also find recommendations for things to do on the island.

BONUS: Saintbarthcom – 16.9k Followers

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 biggest Instagram accounts from St Barth. If you would like to share your recommendations, find us on Instagram. See ya there!



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