2021 Preview: Villa Domingue – St Barts villa rental by owner
pointe milou sunset view - villa domingue 2021


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The rejuvenated Villa Domingue will officially open its doors on March 15. For our SaintBarth.com readers, here’s a preview of our villa. Bruno, my business partner, spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the villa, as much of the building structure is ready. He also wanted to be there to plan the finishing works, which will be taking place in January and February.

Does it really count as glamping in St Barths, as Bruno claims it, if you are staying, in your yet-unfinished villa, in a fully functional bedroom with A/C and en-suite bathroom, the heated pool is filled-up, and you can enjoy a cocktail in the new living room? This is what Bruno pretends, but

Discover Bruno’s candid photos and video of his stay at the villa and see the architect’s plans and our vision come to life. The sunsets are still fantastic, just as you have experienced them if you stayed at Villa Domingue’s previous incarnation. But, now, all the bedrooms, as well as the living room and the dining room, also enjoy the stunning views from atop the Pointe Milou cliff.

Sunset magic in Pointe Milou – In and around the villa

Our goal for mid-March 2021:

villa domingue st barths by owner

How the new Villa Domingue was already looking on New Year’s Eve 2020 (30/12/2020):

pointe milou sunset view - villa domingue 2021

Sunsets views from Villa Domingue have always been spectacular. The new architecture of Villa Domingue adds to the sunset magic, with the sea and the sun reflecting in the large windows. The outdoor staircase lights up in the evening to link the upstairs bedrooms to the sunset deck.

A major difference with the former Domingue: Stunning sea views from the bedrooms too

Each of Villa Domingue’s new bedrooms offers expansive views of the Caribbean sea. The landscape remains stunning, but you can now enjoy much more from the comfort of your bed.

This is how the Master Bedroom should look like. As you can see in the next photos, our dream is becoming reality, as Bruno has spent his first nights in this comfy bed.

Here’s what the Master Bedroom should look like by March 15, 2021:

villa domingue bedroom 1 st barths

Here are candid shots (thanks, dear Duan, for being our unsuspecting photo model) of the Master Bedroom, taken on December 31, 2020. You can have a first glimpse of the ambiance and the views of the room. Obviously, it lacks the finishing details that the island’s artisans will add in January and February.

villa saint barts with sea view - villa domingue 2021
villa domingue CEO owner
villa domingue new villa pointe milou
villa domingue ceo saint barthelemy

Villa Domingue will be a great place to watch the 2021 editions of the St Barts Bucket Regatta and Voiles de Saint-Barth Richard Mille. The view from Pointe Milou is on the boats racing around the island is always stunning. Our friend Duan is standing in the Master Bedroom, watching one of the superyachts that visited the island for New Year’s Eve 2020.

villa domingue in saint barthelemy 2021 - duan in master bedroom

Video: Sunset view, deck, and pool are ready, while the other rooms are coming along

Here’s a video taken by Bruno, in the last days of December, where you enjoy a peek at the sunset views, the just filled-up heated pool, the new sun deck, the two separate buildings make up the 3-bedroom villa, the living room on the left-hand-side, topped by the Master Bedroom, and the dining room on the right-hand-side, topped by the two junior suites.

The other rooms are coming along: The equipment has arrived in the new gym, the kitchen appliances are for the moment in their boxes and fill up the dining room. The two other bedrooms are awaiting their beds.

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All the designer furniture from Italy has arrived. This is how we want the villa to look on March 15, 2021, when Villa Domingue re-opens its doors:

villa domingue st barths dinner table
villa domingue st barths living room
st barths 3-bedroom villa domingue corner bedroom

Ready to book Villa Domingue direct from its owners?

Go to our booking page, check the availability calendar and the rates, then send us a booking request.

If you are on our private list and you have received a personal offer, mention Thibault’s offer to take advantage of your deal.



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