Why cooking and dining at Villa Domingue is a treat


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Bruno de Courrèges is the co-owner of the just-launched Villa Domingue in St Barths. He’s had the privilege of being the first occupant of the villa, together with his guests. He shares with you, in his own words, what it is like to cook and dine at the villa.

The recipe for an ideal dinner to reconnect with your loved ones around a sumptuous table with a view

Maybe you love restaurants just like I do, especially in St Barts where we have such a choice of refined places with great food. Maybe you also appreciate staying at home some days and preparing your own food to share a quiet and enjoyable moment with friends and family. 

3-bedroom villa in St Barths with cooking essentials

Let me tell you a villa owner’s secret: Since I started experiencing life at the new Domingue, I’ve felt much less the need to go out. The calm views, the soft breeze, the warm light, everything conspires to let me choose to remain at home and avoid the hustle-bustle of restaurants. 

But there are other reasons. First, we have combined at Villa Domingue everything a demanding gourmet or a professional chef needs to cook a delicious meal, such as a large preparation space, an extra-wide gas oven, and seamlessly integrated gas burners handcrafted by PITT Cooking in the Netherlands.


You will have at your disposal every utensil necessary to cut, mix, peel, whisk, grill, simmer… To equip the kitchen, we commissioned De Buyer, the renowned French manufacturer of premium kitchen utensils.


Look at one of our pans for example. The exceptional non-stick performance of the coating lets you cook with very little fat added. Whilst maintaining the tradition of the famous cast-iron handles “à la française”, De Buyer has improved the ergonomics to make the pan easy and comfortable to use. Even and controlled cooking, especially slow cooking, is provided by thick die-cast aluminum. Very easy to clean with hot water, washing-up liquid, and a soft sponge.

And how about our copper saucepans! Their cookware comprises 90% copper (for excellent thermal conductivity and exceptional cooking results) and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel for easy maintenance on the inside. Add a riveted handle in cast stainless steel, the French-style curvature for comfortable and ergonomic handling. This is authentic cookware which makes cooking a pleasure!


Then dressing the table… Dining becomes very special when you dress an oversized glossy table 😉


We are talking of a real piece of art designed by award-winning furniture and interior designer Piergiorgio Cazzaniga: a more than 13 feet long thin top miraculously supported by 4 slender feet, the whole dressed in a deep red lacquer. With much technology concealed inside for extreme resistance.


Duan Zhang, Domingue’s interior designer, went especially to Milan to see how the table was built, make sure the color would be the right one, reserve one on the waiting list, and eventually order it.  


With a table so thin, looking so light, reflecting the sky so well, you might sometimes believe everything standing on it is floating in the air. The overhanging golden « ChainDelier » (created last winter by Davide Groppi) adds a touch of extreme luxury. 

pointe milou luxury villa for 6 in St Barths

Of course, a table is nicer when tableware and glasses are refined. You won’t be disappointed with hand-painted china as well as black cutlery designed by Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester. Glassware by Piet Boon should also please the most demanding gourmets.

Glassware by Piet Boon st barths

Being comfortably seated is crucial for having long pleasurable meals with friends. Duan, Domingue’s interior designer, selected a chair, designed by world-famous Piero Lissoni (creative director for Alpi, Boffi, De Padova, Living Divani, Lema, Lualdi, Porro, and Sanlorenzo) for its impeccable lines, cool leather and meticulous care for perfect seating. 


Then, the setting. Unique! Both at lunch time and dinner time, Domingue’s dining room will offer you unparalleled views of the sea, the islands, the sunset. 


Why entertain your most cherished ones in any other place? Make use of your own cooking talents (or book a private chef!) and please your friends without a hint of worry! Cooking and dining at Villa Domingue is definitely a treat.  



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