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Shell Beach
Shell Beach (photo by: by vicenteSF)

Shell Beach is one St Barts beach that you don’t want to miss.  Touting the recognition as the only beach”in town,” it is within walking distance of Gustavia but is very rarely crowded. Originally getting its name from the shells that used to be all over the beach, the changing times have taken their toll on the beach and most of the hurricanes have washed the shells away.  However, it doesn’t mean that this is not a beautiful bay on which to spend the day.

With flat, tranquil water, the swimming is fantastic and if you’re really adventurous, there is a cliff on one side of the beach from which you can dive.  Beware! This is NOT for the faint of heart though!! I have done it once and do not feel the need to do it again.  Even if you choose not to take the plunge, you will inevitably see the local kids doing it.  Be prepared to grab your camera as this is one sight you’ll want to capture on film!!

A big attraction on the beach is the creole bed; the bed belongs to the Do Brasil restaurant, the only building that is right on the beach. After soaking up the sun for a few hours, you should stop by for a bite to eat.  This three story

do brazil, st barths
(photo by: by jack metthey)

 open-air eatery is co-owned by local St Barts legend Boubou and French tennis champion, Yanick Noah. A cozy restaurant that is tucked in to the cliff side of the beach, the cuisine is Brazilian-Carribean-Creole-French fusion food, and the decor is jungle-chic. Romantic at night and lively during lunch, this is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat.  As an added bonus, It also provides an unbeatable view of the sunset.                    Sunset :: Shell Beach



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