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What are the best Airnbs in St Barths, i.e. what are the best-selling luxury villas on the island of Saint Barthelémy? What is the best area to find them? What do they have in common? What is the average daily rate for each of them?

To create this top 5 of the most sought-after St Barths villas available on, our team has analyzed the data from AirDNA. This company is a world-renowned expert in Airbnb data and analytics.

Map of all the St Barths villas listed on Airbnb and Vrbo (source: AirDNA)


Map of all the St Barths villas listed on Airbnb and Vrbo (source: AirDNA)

We looked at the host’s profile for each property and tried to determine whether your Airbnb host will be a private person (vacation rental by owner) or a villa management company. The host profile can sometimes help you trace back to the owner’s website to book directly with them. It also gives you a sense of who you are dealing with when you are booking your St Barths villa.

For more information on how we created this ranking, what you can learn about the properties booked on Airbnb, and why this is about value for money, read our detailed explanations right after the top 5 villas.

Best airbnbs in St Barths – A quick preview


Best-selling St Barths luxury villa rentals – The complete ranking

1. Villa Mirabai (a.k.a villas Walhalla and Tiwa) – 6 bedrooms

Best airbnbs in St Barths

Best airbnbs in St Barths

A unique villa located in Pointe Milou in St Barths, not far from our own villas Domingue and BelAmour. 2 houses with sea views and 2 swimming pools on a land of 23,000 square feet. The first house, called Tiwa, has 2 bedrooms (the master bedroom has a sea view) and 2 bathrooms. The other villa, Walhalla, has 4 bedrooms with a sea view and 4 bathrooms.

This is a best seller on Airbnb is it an older villa that can host up to 12 guests. If several couples or families are splitting the tab, then it becomes a reasonable option for a St Barths stays.

Average daily rate: $2,331

Villa Miraibai’s host is Michael. According to his profile, he also manages another St Barths villa called Moonriver

Link: Villa Mirabai on Airbnb

2. Villa King Gustaf – 2 bedrooms

best airbnb villa in st barths - Villa King Gustaf

best airbnbs in st barths - villa king gustaf

Villa King Gustaf is nestled on the hill overlooking Gustavia, with a breathtaking view of the island’s bays where the most luxurious yachts are moored. It almost feels like the shores of St. Martin are within easy reach.
This modern villa is composed of 2 bedroom suite with ensuite bathrooms. It offers a large kitchen living space open onto a spacious deck terrace with a private pool.

Average daily rate: $1,475

On Airbnb, the host of Villa King Gustaf is also managing other villas, such as villa La Vue and villa Nagabaaja.

Link: Villa King Gustaf on Airbnb

Link Villa King Gustaf on

3. Villa Alpaka – 4 bedrooms

Best vacation rental in st barths - Villa Alpaka

Best airbnbsl in st barths - Villa Alpaka

Resolutely contemporary, this large villa by its size and the quality of its decoration houses a huge diptych by artist Jean-François Lacalmontie. His abstract and paradoxical painting sets the tone for the refined decoration where the primary concern is the harmony between the natural decor and the comfort of the future occupants.

Villa Alpaka offers 4 bedrooms, an infinity pool, and a sea view over the Flamands area.

Average daily rate: $2,211

On Airbnb, Alpaka’s hosts are Monique and Didier, the owners of the villa as well as a few others such as Lagon Vert, Nevis, and Saba.

Link: Villa Alpaka on Airbnb

Link: Villa Alpaka on

4. Villa Lagon Vert – 3 bedrooms

best airbnbs in st barths - Villa Lagon Vert

best vacation rentals in saint barthelemy - Villa Lagon Vert

Lagon Vert is a beautiful modern villa located in Petit Cul de Sac in the Levant area, one of the quietest and most exclusive properties on the island of St. Barths. From the two large terraces and the two swimming pools of the villa, you will have a breathtaking view of the turquoise lagoon of the Petit Cul de Sac.

The beach of the lagoon is 1 minute away from the villa. Sun loungers are available under the coconut trees as well as kayaks and paddleboards.

Average Daily Rate: $1,635

Villa Lagon Vert’s hosts are also Monique and Didier, the owners of Villa Alpaka, the #3 of this top 5. Good job!

Link: Villa Lagon Vert on Airbnb

Link: Villa Lagon Vert on

5. Villa Lenalee – 4 bedrooms

best airbnb in st barths - Villa Lenalee

best st barths airbnb - villa Villa Lenalee

In addition to boasting a great hilltop location and close-to-town convenience, Villa Lenalee is a four-bedroom home. It is the ideal choice for newcomers just getting to know St. Barts.

Situated above Flamands Bay, Villa Lenalee looks out over the green of the surrounding hills and the blue of the Atlantic beyond, with Ile Bonhomme and Ile Le Boulanger visible in the distance.

Villa Lenalee has just undergone a modern and stylish redesign, and now boasts a convenient layout and smoothing decor just perfect for relaxation.

Average Daily Rate: $1,600

Your villa Lenalee Airbnb host is Monique, a St Barths local. This is one of her own private properties.

Link: Villa Lenalee on Airbnb

How we created this ranking “Best airbnbs in St Barths”

AirDNA gathers listing and booking data from Airbnb. It means that this ranking is based on the best-selling (in $ revenues) luxury villas in St Barths that are listed on Airbnb. These top villas may not be the most unique ones on the island, but they have a track record of being consistently booked. It means that they deliver on value.

Only villas that can be booked on Airbnb are on this list. Note that the same villa can be listed on Airbnb, on Airbnb, and on the site of a local agent such as Wimco, SiBarth, Eden Rock Villas, or St Barth Properties. If a booking is made outside of Airbnb, then it is not counted toward our ranking of the top 10 best-selling airbnbs in St Barths.

What are the factors that help a St Barths villa become a best-seller on Airbnb?

  • Some of the best areas to rent a villa in St Barths, with great views and well-deserved calm
    • These villas offer unobstructed views and tend to be located on the top of some hills (e.g. villa Alpaka and villa Lenalee perched above Flamands, villa King Gustaf above Gustavia)
    • Some are located in quiet and renowned areas, such as villa Mirabai in Pointe Milou and villa Lagon Vert within the Levant estate.
  • St Barths airbnbs: Value for money for families and groups of friends, compares with local hotels
    • These villas are often large enough for a family or a group of friends: villa Mirabai, in a 2-house configuration, can even host up to 12 guests!
    • As a result, several households can get together, book the villa on Airbnb, and split the bill. For instance, villa Alpaka can host up to 8 guests. At an average daily rate of $2,211 (according to AirDNA), the villa is priced at $276 per person per day. This is much cheaper than a night at most St Barths hotels!
    • While most villas are new or have been refurbished, the 2-villas-in-1 Mirabai stands out: The two villas that makeup Mirabai (Walhalla and Tiwa) are of the early 1990’s St Barths Caribbean style that was popular at the time. The style is older, but also more inviting and less cold than some of the newer villas. The age of the villas is a reason for the great value for money.
    • Finally, most of the villas in the list of the best-selling airbnbs in St Barths can be booked directly from their owner or from a small local company that represents a few owners. This is very clear when you look at the host profiles. The fewer the intermediaries, the fewer the mark-ups, and the best chance for you to have an interesting price.
    • If there are fewer intermediaries, it may mean that the price of such a villa price has no extra markup, making it less expensive. This, in turn, can drive up bookings.
  • Airbnb as one of their main booking channels:
    • To reach such high revenue numbers on Airbnb, each villa has to make a significant number of bookings on Airbnb.
    • It may mean that it is not available in many other places, which concentrates the reservations in a few select channels



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